End Of Tenancy Cleaning In England
End Of Tenancy Cleaning In England

Guide To End Of Tenancy Cleaning In England

The end of tenancy cleaning is one of the most important things if you are going to leave a rented apartment. To get back the deposit, you have to give the property as good as you take from the owner before years. 

You can do the cleaning yourself. But to do cleaning work which gives guaranty, you need to hire end of tenancy cleaning service. Best Cleaners are one of the best agencies for cleaning services. Visit https://bestcleanerssurrey.co.uk/end-of-tenancy-cleaning-in-woking/ to know the service provided by this service provider. Except cleaning, also check any damage caused by you. Replace the items if any as you have to spend more money if they will be replaced by the property owner. 

Here in this article, we will give you some tips and guide you regarding the end of tenancy cleaning.

Check the kitchen

The kitchen is the part of the home that gets dirty the most. Start cleaning the kitchen after removing all the materials from it. This idea will help you to clean the kitchen easily. Remove dust from the shelves and cupboards. Wipe with both wet and dry cloths, inside and outside of cupboards.

If any appliances are there in the kitchen then remove them to clean behind the wall and bottom where there are fixed. These are the area where you may not clean everyday due to unaccessibility.

Now clean the appliances like refrigerator and dishwasher. If you do not know how to clean it properly then read the guide which helps you to clean these appliances. You need to remove all the trays of the refrigerator and thoroughly clean them. Do the same activities for other appliances in the home.

Oven and barbeque

Do you clean your oven at regular intervals? If your answer is No, then you have to work more to clean it properly. We advise you to get help from the cleaning expert for this work. Best Cleaners are one of the best cleaning service providers in London. Look on https://bestcleanerssurrey.co.uk/end-of-tenancy-cleaning-in-weybridge-kt13/ for the detailed guidedance from them. The oven can get a heavy deposit of food, grease, oil, and grimes if it is not cleaned regularly. It is more chance that someone who does the inspection, check the oven first. So take time to clean it or hire a cleaning service provider. Also, clean the burners, trays, and other surfaces properly.

Living room

Vacuum cleaning works the best for cleaning most parts of your living room. Before start cleaning, empty all cupboards and shelves so you can easily clean them and see the results. Use a dry cloth to clean the dust on the TV and similar electronic appliances. Clean sofa of living room with a vacuum cleaner.


The bathroom may take more time to clean if you do not clean it daily. Clean all the sinks and bathtub with cleaner so that it looks bright without any marks. Remove blockage and dirt from the shower heads and taps. Check all these things with running water so you can check if any holes are blocked with lime scales.

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Wash tiles of the bathroom floor and walls with cleaner. Wipe bathroom shelves and cupboards from inside and out properly. Finally, wipe the floor and other areas with a dry mop.


If you are a family with children then walls are most likely to get dirty than normal. Check all marks on the wall. If you can not remove them then paint them with similar color as other walls. If you need to do all these things before the owner instructs you. Because you have to pay always higher if someone does all these things. 


You can clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. But it can not be cleaned thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. The best idea is to get the service of carpet cleaning from a professional cleaner. Contact Best Cleaners by visiting  https://bestcleanerssurrey.co.uk/end-of-tenancy-cleaning-in-kingston-kt1-and-kt2/ which are the best in carpet cleaning jobs. It is required to give carpet as you got when you moved in the same apartment. 

Windows and curtains

Windows are also to be cleaned properly from inside and outside. You should hire a cleaning service provider to clean the outside window and wall to get its new look. You have to replace the glass of the window is broken or get a large crack during your tenancy. Remove all the curtains from the windows and wash them. You can also give them to dry clean as it consumes a lot of time

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