Recycled Wood Pallets

Guide to Selling Your Recycled Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are used for various purposes, including industrial processing, packaging, storing, and building different types of home decor items. Since the use of wood pallets has grown, the number of wood pallets left as waste has also increased. In such a case, selling them and earning extra cash is a great alternative.

You can sell your recycled wood pallets before their condition worsens because these still have usage value left and can be used on various projects. The primary usage of wood pallets is in the manufacturing companies to transport products because they serve convenience. These come in large sizes to transport and store goods. In most cases, they are not reused by the company, creating a large amount of wastage. And keeping these items can be problematic in the warehouse. Therefore, selling becomes the only solution and a way to use them.

Who Buys Wood Pallets?

If you wish to make good money from selling wood pallets, there are few places where you can go and look for great deals.

  • Local Manufacturers– They are the most significant users and buyers of wood pallets because it is required in their business processes like transporting goods. They are your first client when you are looking to sell. Connect with these companies and negotiate your price, and there are high chances of making good money through them.
  • Local pallet broker– These brokers are your last resort. However, they are the largest buyer of used wood pallets. Pallet brokers are found easily in the US and Canada because their business operates on wood.  However If your pallets are in bad condition, you can sell them because they can be ground and reused.

Factors Affecting The Resale Value

Before you sell your recycled wood pallets, there are a few factors you need to consider that define the value of your resale

  • Size– Size is a significant factor for any buyer. Smaller-sized ones have less value than larger ones.
  • Condition – The condition is another factor affecting the value and money you get. The situation of the material can be classified into three grades

Grade 1– Grade 1 are in good condition and don’t need any repairs. These grades of pallets are considered the highest quality and have the highest payback when resale. These will undergo a series of quality inspections but will generally be reintroduced into the supply once they’ve passed.


Grade 2– After passing a series of quality control tests, Grade 2 pallets can be reintroduced into the supply. They are considered in repairing units and can be reused after undergoing some repair. Most Grade 2 variants will need extensive repair work before they can be used again.

Scrap Pallets– Because these pallets will have specific components like stringers and deck boards in good condition, scrap can still be sold for a profit. To recycle these used materials into new ones, they must be disassembled.

If you are interested in selling the surplus wood in your storage unit, you can easily find a buyer and earn extra money.



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