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Guide to the Types of Safety Signs Your Workplace Needs

Need to keep people away from hazards? Prevent injury or accidents with clear, highly-visible emergency signs. Safety programs need to include visual communication that guides workers to the safety tools they need. In an emergency, especially medical emergencies, workers have to respond quickly. Emergency signs and exit signs make it easy to react quickly and effectively when it counts. Response time can be the difference between a close call and a catastrophic injury, so safety programs need to include visual communication that guides workers to the safety tools they need.

Emergency signs are available in many colors, shapes, and designs. These durable, industrial-strength signs can withstand heavy foot traffic and forklifts at warehouse facilities. They are compliant with OSHA signal words, headings, and symbols. Here I list some of the emergency signs, so  reason to learn;

There are two types of emergency signs. These are

  • What could KILL or HURT you
  • Informative signs

1)What could KILL or HURT you

Danger Signs – KILL YOU

If you see a Danger Sign, there’s something in the area that could cause you serious harm. Most Danger Signs are red and black, with DANGER in bold letters. Eating the wrong thing will make you sick. Starting a fire without the proper equipment can get you burned. Walking into an area with heavy machinery can be deadly. You see DANGER signs for a reason: to protect your health and safety.

Warning Signs – HURT YOU

HURT YOU is a commonly recognizable Warning Sign. When the hazard or hazardous conditions aren’t life-threatening, a Warning Sign lets you know you could still get hurt. These are easy to identify with their yellow background and a black triangle around the hazard symbol.

2) Informative signs

Emergency Information Signs – SAFETY FIRST

In case of an emergency, make sure that emergency information is available. These green signs are made with a sturdy rigid plastic material, featuring clear safety text and an arrow to designate the location of emergency equipment or important emergency-related information. The green background with white writing and symbols is instantly identifiable for safety. Common signs include EMERGENCY PHONE, FIRST AID KIT, and EMERGENCY EXIT.

Fire Signs – FIRE EQUIP

Fire Signs are available to indicate the location of all your fire equipment, like fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hoses, and more. Keep staff and visitors in the loop with these easy-to-spot signs. They’re bright red, making them instantly visible and identifying your fire equipment from afar. The text is white and bold, easy to read, and all symbols and directions are clear.

Whether your company needs to train its staff on first-aid kits, fire extinguishers, or panic buttons, Sigo Signs have the signs. From official first aid kits for CPR Certification to children’s safety equipment such as cribs, high chairs, and bottle warmers, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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