Hair Loss

Hair Loss: Prevention and Cures

Approximately 35 million men and 21 million women suffer with hair loss. Furthermore, by the age of 80, men will experience a hair loss rate of 70%, and women by the age of 60 will be in the 80% range.

Fortunately, if you are worried about hair loss or you are already experiencing it, there are several tried and tested ways to both prevent and cure this common affliction.

From focusing on a hair strengthening diet, avoiding harsh styling methods, investing in a hair transplant, keep reading to discover how you can both prevent and cure hair loss, whatever your age.

How can I cure hair loss?

If you are facing hair loss or hair thinning, there are a few treatments available that can help restore your hair. These include:

Hair Transplantation

A popular choice for men and women suffering from hair loss is a hair transplant is a highly effective hair loss treatment. That being said, you need to ensure you choose a trusted company to carry out the procedure that will give you peace of mind, both in terms of the result and your overall wellbeing.


Depending on the reason for your hair loss, there are medications that you can take to help stimulate hair growth. That being said, these medicines do not offer a quick fix solution, and they are unlikely to restore your hair to its former glory. If you are considering medication for hair loss, speak to your doctor about your options.

Corticosteroid Injections

If you suffer from alopecia, you may want to consider treatment with corticosteroid injections that are injected directly into the affected area. You can notice a difference in as little as four to six weeks, although there are possible side effects, including skin atrophy and a thinning of the scalp skin.

How can I prevent hair loss?

The hair loss is caused by countless different factors, from pregnancy to menopause, old age, to illness. That being said, there are several lifestyle choices that you can adopt to help prevent or slow down hair loss.

These include:

Changing your diet

As with most aspects of your overall health and wellbeing, eating a balanced and nutrient-rich diet can reduce your risk of hair loss.

Focus on eating:

  • A Mediterranean diet includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs such as parsley, basil, and salad greens.
  • Protein is your hair follicles are mostly made up of proteins called keratin.
  • Foods rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D

Taking a supplement

There a several supplements that have been scientifically proven to help prevent hair loss. These include:

  • Multivitamins that contain vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, selenium, and zinc
  • Biotin, also known as vitamin H.
  • Ginseng can help promote hair growth

Avoiding harsh styling

Skipping tight braids and ponytails that can pull at the root of your hair can result in less hair shedding and hair loss. Instead, stick to gentler styles and allow your hair to air dry rather than using a heated device.

Other hair care tips for hair loss prevention include:

  • Washing your hair daily
  • Applying coconut oil
  • Avoiding chemical treatments such as hair coloring or perms

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