Have fun in the new casinos with or without a Canadian license

The first thing you should do when entering a new online casino is to check if it has a proper gaming license. This license is a permit issued by a special committee for gambling. It works as valid proof that the casino is legit and winnings payouts are guaranteed. The gaming license is required for any gaming activity. Games with bets or luck are included: slots, poker, roulette, lottery and sports betting.

In order to offer legal services, an online casino must always have licenses. Failure to do so endangers the safety of all users. By not having a license, a new casino https://alfalfas.com/ puts players ‘ banking information at risk. This is because there is no contractual guarantee of the legality of the page. A gaming license improves the confidence of the players, it is always good to know that you play on a good site. Concerns about fraudulent machines are also reduced. It is necessary that any new online casino Canada has a good license. A licensed casino regularly has its random number generator audited. This gives a certificate of compliance based on the exam results.

Usually, betting websites have their licensing information in the footer of the page. Expert players will always look to review the jurisdiction where the site is licensed. A new rule for commercial communications was created at the end of 2020. That regulation prohibits several aspects of new online casinos. Among them, the use of welcome bonuses and promotions is prohibited. Gambling and casino advertisements are also considered inappropriate. All new online casino Canada must comply with these restrictions. Said regulation says that all online casinos licensed in Canada will be affected. From that point on, welcome bonuses cannot be awarded to new players. On the other hand, there are still many possibilities for fun. It’s just a matter of looking for and discovering all the opportunities there are for you in the new online casinos.

Casinos without a Canadian license

Did you know that you can play in casinos without a Canadian license legally? As contradictory as it may seem, it is true. Although the casino is not regulated in Canada, it does not mean that it is illegal, as many have foreign regulations.

Such is the case with online casinos in Curaçao, a pioneering country in issuing permits for unregulated online casinos. It has issued thousands of licenses for online casinos, being a reference worldwide. Every day, many players frequent these online bookmakers unregulated for their advantages. They have generous welcome bonuses, fewer restrictions, more variety in games like online roulette and also in payment methods impossible to find in regulated ones. The casinos we recommend here are licensed in Curaçao, Cyprus, among other countries, but not in Canada. That is, although they are legal, they may not offer the same guarantees as a casino regulated by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ).

Below is the ranking of Canadian unlicensed casinos in 2022. Unregulated online casinos have international licenses, and great benefits. Unlicensed operators on our site are highly recommended. They have been chosen by our team of experts for user safety.

These unlicensed casinos comply with international laws and have been validated by us. That is, depending on your terms and conditions, available games, promotions and payment methods. Regarding this last point, both for deposit, refunds and withdrawal of winnings.

For many years, Spaniards played in unregulated casinos in the country. It was common to frequent gambling sites with regulations from countries such as Malta and Curaçao. Because of this, the Canadian government considered that it should legally support the Spaniards and provide them with a completely safe game.

In 2012, a legislative change was generated that affected casinos and bookmakers with Law 13/2011. The approval of this Law contemplated online gambling, the creation of the DGOJ and the granting of Canadian licenses. The granting of these licenses offers casinos the opportunity to settle in the country and be considered 100% legal. They are known as Safe Gaming licenses, which legally endorse players. Additionally, this Law considers tax collection from regulated casinos.

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