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Health Benefits and Risks of Using CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is a phytochemical compound found in grass. Cannabidiol has been used as a medicinal treatment for cancer, depression, anxiety, seizures, nausea, impotence and obesity. It is believed that CBD may help treat tumors, slow tumor growth and shrink tumors. It also has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, and antiparkinsonetic properties.

Cannabidiol was first tested as a potential anti-cancer compound by the Heckscher State University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Cannabidiol was synthesized from cannabidiolic acid (which is derived from cannabidiol) and administered to animals with high levels of anxiety. The animals showed a remarkable improvement in the performance of brain tumors that were treated with cannabidiol compared to animals that did not receive this treatment. A paper published by Said and Lopez describes the behavioral and biochemical changes that occur following the administration of CBD. They conclude that CBD may be effective in the treatment of anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. However, they admit the need for further studies in order to prove its safety and efficacy in humans.

Anti Inflammatory

CBD is an anti-inflammatory compound, which means that it could reduce the swelling and thus the pain associated with neuropathic pain in humans. An ongoing clinical trial in the UK is currently investigating the impact of CBD on the inflammatory bowel disease Crohn’s disease (CRF). The research has revealed that CBD can reverse the inflammation of the intestinal lining and thus reduce the pain associated with this condition. It also shows promise in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis.

The active components in CBD may have the effect of relieving muscle spasms and quick relief from muscle pain in patients with severe pain. An ongoing clinical trial conducted at the University of Florida has found that CBD may be helpful in the treatment of chronic pain caused by shingles. Shingles is a painful condition resulting from a viral infection. Clinical trials are currently underway in the United States and United Kingdom to test the effects of CBD in the treatment of Shingles. The treatment involves the administration of CBD to patients suffering from Shingles. The objective of this study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of CBD in treating this painful condition.

Health Benefits

Besides these health benefits, there are some potential risks associated with the use of CBD. Ingestion of CBD may have some serious consequences including confusion, seizures, hallucinations, slurred speech, depression and intoxication. Before ingesting any substance, it is recommended to consult a doctor. The health benefits of CBD are impressive but it is not advisable to treat your current medical condition with plant extracts without consulting a health professional. Even if you have used CBD oil for a period of time and have experienced positive results, it is possible that short-term use of this compound could cause some serious side effects.

Chronic pain caused by shingles can be extremely unpleasant, resulting in a patient’s life being affected severely. For this reason, any medication that is used for relief of pain must be safe. To date, the only approved medication that provides relief from pain associated with shingles is medical grass. While medical grass offers some relief from pain, it has no effect on the receptors that have become responsive to CBD oil.


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