Here are the Common Reasons For Divorce

Your spouse breaking up with you is hard, but divorce? That takes the life out of you. Different kinds of issues can lead to a split. From the common phrase “irreconcilable differences or the loss of a spark you once felt in your marriage – the list is endless! Whatever the reason, divorce isn’t easy. Most people experience feelings of loneliness or that no one understands what they’re going through. These are genuine reactions to a challenging situation in life. You’ll sometimes feel like you’re in a slow-motion car wreck. But why do people suddenly wake up and call quit on each other? Knowing why couples get a divorce can help you learn from their mistakes so you can right the wrongs. With that, let’s cover the most common reasons for divorce.

1.  Finances (money)

As Paul Van Der Merwe said, “money makes the world go round.” Money is one of the main reasons why couples end up divorcing. Regardless of the cash you have (or not), money is a primary connector in marriage. Based on the amount of divorces each year, money tops as the primary motivating factor in most cases. Finance issues can wreck a marriage in many different ways. Each spouse can have a different idea on long-term financial goals, and when these ideas don’t align, marital problems can ensue. This can quickly lead to a divorce.

2.  Communication

The bedrock of any relationship is communication. While an issue such as commitment is a common reason for divorce, most divorce problems are rooted in communication breakdown. If a spouse can’t talk about their issues in a way both partners understand, it creates a recipe for trouble. Usually, what’s left is an unproductive argument and growing resentment. One spouses’ behavior may not match what their partner needs. The results: divorce.

3.  Intimacy

Your marriage life may have some subtle changes in intimacy. Sometimes, one person isn’t in the mood, there’s a misunderstanding, or someone isn’t feeling well. Over time, there’s a growing idea that he or she isn’t romantic or sexual. The spouse with the subtle change can trigger a downward trend in intimacy. Generally, men need sexual receptivity to feel romantic. On the other hand, women need romance to be sexually receptive. If any of the spouses don’t get what they need, this can quickly lead to a divorce.

4.  Infidelity

If one spouse veers outside of a relationship to get their needs met – whether physical or sexual – this can break a marriage. It is challenging to regain trust back once a partner feels betrayed. Infidelity is responsible for almost 30-40 percent of most marriages that end in divorce. Establishing why people cheat isn’t as cut and dry as our resentment may lead us to believe. However, research shows that anger is a common underlying reason for cheating. Also, differences in sexual appetite may lead to infidelity.

5.  Domestic Violence

Physical and emotional abuse in marriage is a huge contributor to divorce. In most cases, the abuse develops over time. What follows is an explosion of intense cycles of abuse followed by strong remorse. Once this happens, most people say they feel physically threatened, especially women. While most couples try to work on their differences after a physical confrontation, it never ends well.

6.  Addictions

This is another common reason for divorce. Addictions can range from alcohol to opioids to sex. Addiction inhibits a person’s reasoning capacity and can quickly become one’s top priority. This can bring misery to an entire family in a devastating fashion. When the “victimized” spouse has had enough of the other partner, the relationship is likely doomed to divorce. However, things can turn around if the couple is willing to put in the effort to rebuild their marriage. Over time, this can strengthen the marriage.

7.  Incompatible Partners

You say potato, and your partner says potah-to. It’s in your best interest to ensure your goals and objectives are aligned together as a couple. When this doesn’t happen, friction is likely to happen. For instance, you may find that your spouse wants to move to another city for a big job while you want to remain. If you never discussed this before marriage, it can brew resentment. Religion can also cause issues in marriage and lead to divorce. If you fail to deal with incompatibility as a couple, your marriage ship will crash.

Beyond these reasons, it’s crucial to figure out the red flags affecting your marriage. Start working on the issues together to prevent the case of divorce from happening. If divorce is looming, you need to decide if your marriage is worth saving. This means you’ll need to do some soul searching.

Remember: prevention is better than cure.

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