Home bathroom design and practical tips about color

The ability to use bright and original details allows you to create a stylish space in your bathroom that you want to stay for a long time, which you want to admire. Often we do not know where to start, or we use too many decorative elements and colors. This overloads the interior and violates the uniform style. It is a real art to choose and place accents in the interior correctly. Bathroom vanity online

store New Bathroom Style today, we will touch it, considering the most exciting features and accents that can be safely used in the interior.

Color accents in the interior

We’ll start with an essential thing: color in the interior. Indeed, before creating bright spots in the room, you need to decide on your high-end bathroom vanities‘ broad palette and paint. The color accent in the interior is the decor, which contrasts with the main range of the room. For example, for a bedroom in white tones, the accent will be a blue bedside rug and blue curtains. For a rich green children’s room, the white upholstery of an armchair and a blanket can become an accent.

Such bright spots make the interior more pleasant and “lively.” At the same time, if there are many such accents, the room will become colorful, and the accent effect will disappear because all its charm lies in moderate use.

The accent should be unique and not repeatable, so just a few details of the accent color are enough. Otherwise, the color will “blur” and become auxiliary. Imagine what the same interior would look like if the bright yellow hue completely disappeared from it! Now you understand what a huge role seemingly insignificant accent details play.

Another important rule when combining colors in an interior and placing color accents: do not confuse an accent color with a complimentary one. It should be just a different color and not a shade of the main one.

Let’s explain it more clearly now. For example, you have a room in beige tones. To create an accent, you need to choose a green or purple color. It will be an accent. And if you choose light brown, it will just be a slightly darker shade, so brown in a beige room can only be an additional one. In this case, shades of blue are used very effectively as accent colors. In contrast, the primary color is white, and the secondary color is light beige.

Now it will be easier for you to choose the scale for the room. You can remember one simple rule that will help you not to make the interior monotonous and boring, but at the same time, do not overdo it with an abundance of different shades.

The interior uses three colors in approximately the following proportion:

60% – main color;

30% – additional (secondary) color or shades of the primary color;

10% – accent color

Where to place bright accents?

Accents are designed to diversify the room’s colors and give the space individuality and mood. They will tell you about your hobbies and passions, create a unique atmosphere, inspire and delight you, and impress guests. Therefore, only you can choose which objects and decorative elements can become leading in the interior ensemble of your home. Bathrooms showrooms near me can offer some tips and ideas in this regard.

A noticeable and stylish contrast in the interior is straightforward to create with a bright accent wall. It is decorated with a contrasting color, which should be darker concerning the primary color of the walls. Use simple wall painting, wallpapering, decorative textured materials such as stone or Venetian plaster – let your imagination run wild!

Paintings for the interior

Repainting a wall may seem to you a cardinal decision, especially if you have not been at the stage of renovation for a long time and are not yet ready for global changes. There is another way to draw attention to a specific wall and create an accent. Of course, these are paintings!

Pictures in the interior have long been considered a sign of taste and luxury, and only aristocratic strata of society could afford them. To this day, the paintings are an integral part of a stylish and beautiful interior. Thanks to modern technologies that significantly reduce the cost of products, everyone can delight themselves with a painting on canvas in their room.

One large or several small decorative paintings in the same theme or scale will create a mood and transform the room’s interior. Complete them with a few more pieces of matching shades, and your accent ensemble is ready. Very simple and stylish! The picture will create color contrast and stylistically emphasize your interior, be it colonial style, loft, classic or modern minimalism.

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