How a cupping set can help you with post-game recovery

No matter what level of athlete you are, there is little doubt that you are looking for ways to expedite and improve your recovery. 

One such form of physical therapy that has gained a lot of popularity, with everyone from professional athletes to hobbyists has been cupping. 

But what is cupping? How does it help the body recover after strenuous physical activity and why should you consider getting your own cupping set from Source Fitness to do it?

You have come to the right place to find out. Let’s get started! 

How does cupping work?

The practice of cupping as a form of physical therapy is actually more than 200 years old. It is the process in which cups are placed on a certain part of the body, and then the air is sucked out of the cup with a special device to create a great amount of suction between the air-tight opening of the cup and the skin. That suction draws fluid into the treated area and actually expands and breaks open tiny blood vessels – known as capillaries – underneath the surface of the skin. But what does this do to help the healing process?

What does cupping do?

Because cupping breaks open these tiny blood vessels underneath the surface of the skin, the body reacts to it as if it were an injury. Therefore, it sends more blood rushing to that part of the body, which in turn expedites the healing process.

But the inflow of blood to the area does not only heal the manufactured “injury,” but also starts healing muscles, ligaments, and more in the area. 

The process of cupping can also help decrease an athlete’s recovery time because it helps stimulate the crucial process of chemically breaking down toxins within the body, which also leads to a faster healing process for muscles and tissues. Finally, cupping helps reduce inflammation in the area, which allows athletes to get over the pain from a previous game or workout and begin their recovery process the next time they hit the field, gym, weight rack, etc. 

What parts of the body are cupping popular?

Cupping is a very popular process for a lot of athletes in a lot of different sports because it is quite versatile in the sense that it can be used on many different parts of the body. The most popular places that cupping is used on include:

  • The back
  • The shoulders
  • The neck
  • The front of legs 
  • The back of legs

Essentially, cupping can be used on all of the major muscle groups of the body. With many people using it all over! 


So, now that you know about the incredible benefits of cupping, you can start to look online to find a great cupping set for your home, or you can contact a local med spa and ask about what cupping services they offer you. 

By cutting your recovery time down with cupping, you will be able to spend less time on the couch and more time improving your game, whatever that game is!

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