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How a Technology Attorney Can Help You With Your Business Contracts

The global SaaS market (software as a service) is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. That massive market share has enticed many to hop on the bandwagon and start developing web products.

Whether you’re looking to get started with SaaS or you’re simply looking to relegate a large portion of your business to the digital space, a technology attorney will be integral to you laying a good foundation and growing.

Why is an attorney important when working alongside technology? How can lawyers, in particular, help you with contracts you strike up with vendors and customers?

In this post, our team breaks down the basics of that question so you can get a full picture of what a technology lawyer can do for you.

Tech Attorney’s All Have Foundations in Contract Law

If your first thought when bringing on a technology attorney to help you with contract questions is that you’re better off hiring a contract attorney, think again. All attorneys, tech attorneys included, have a foundation in contract law.

What makes tech attorneys special in this regard is their insights into technology. That allow them to ensure the contracts you’re creating work in harmony with your online needs.

That concept will be over the head of most standard contract lawyers that don’t understand how web-based businesses work.

Better Use of Data

When you’re creating user agreements for your SaaS application, your agreements are going to want to allow for liberal use of data.

As it stands, much of the user data you use to operate your tool isn’t free for you to leverage. This varies from state to state. Still, as good practice, you’ll want to explicitly ask in your service contract for permission to use various data points.

Do you know what all of the data points are that you need to leverage? Do you know how to ask for those points in a user agreement?

Chances are, you don’t. Therein lies the value of working with a SaaS agreement attorney or a general technology attorney when forming those asks.

Safeguarding Against the Ambiguities of the Internet

There are many variables when it comes to servicing customers online. That’s because customers come from different states. They even come from different countries. With that, they carry different laws that govern their privacy rights, among other things.

Ensuring that variability is accounted for in the contracts you write with both vendors and customers is paramount to your long-term success. An outstanding SaaS attorney or general technology attorney will be invaluable to you achieving that end.

Having a Technology Attorney on Call Is Becoming a Non-Negotiable

More companies are transitioning portions (or all) of their business to the digital space. With that, ensuring your relationships are properly protected and expectations are enforceable online is of the utmost importance.

Working with a technology attorney is, therefore, a necessary course of action.

We wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect SaaS agreement lawyer or other tech professional to help safeguard your digital interests. We also welcome you to explore additional helpful content in our blog!

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