Bi-Fold Doors

How Bi-Fold Doors Add Value to Your Home

‘Improving instead of moving’ has become a new motto for the present generation. Relocating altogether to a new and different city or house, although it is refreshing, can be an overwhelming mission—especially for young professionals. A study by Houzz has provided a lot of reasons why people these days want to redecorate instead of relocating.

There are financial as well as emotional reasons behind this. The repairs of the new house could be pricey as opposed to the current one you are living in. Most people don’t want to leave the place where they stay; so, they opt to redecorate instead. Also, renovating might offer you the chance to personalise your home as per your taste, instead of settling for the one which has everything already designed.

Considering all the aforementioned reasons, people choose to redecorate instead of moving to another house. And doors play a vital role in maintaining the look and personality of any house. It is not just enough for the doors to fulfil their purpose of giving privacy and protection against external weather conditions. Doors have evolved over time to serve many other functions apart from the most fundamental ones. Doors now need to be visually appealing and also give a solid impression to the evaluator.

Having the perfect doors in each room is a crucial decision, as it has the power to enhance the house value several times, along with affecting the psyche of the viewers. Increasingly house owners are opting for bi-fold doors due to their adding to the resale valuation to any property. Some experts evaluate that up to 5–10 per cent of resale value is increased, just by installing bi-fold doors.

Perks Of Installing Bi-Fold Doors

Let us look into some of the reasons why valuers favour bi-fold doors over others.

  • Bi-folding doors have the ability to span over several metres. This enables a vast opening, as opposed to the patio and French doors that have rigid widths.
  • It goes without saying that they augment the aesthetic and artistic worth of any room or home, especially timber bi-fold doors.
  • It occupies less space than any room in contrast with the non-folding doors and looks more elegant.
  • These doors open up the inside of a house to the outside garden or patio, creating an astounding internal-external atmosphere.
  • Its remarkably low U-value keeps the interiors of a house efficient thermally.
  • Bi-fold doors provide protection from trespassers as well, thanks to the unyielding frames and secured locking mechanism.
  • These doors provide additional defence from dust, dirt and extreme weather conditions.
  • They have amazing features to it such as double glazing, solar-control glazing, air leakage system and frame conductivity.

Working Of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors tend to slide and fold to one side of the door’s frame. This enables us to occupy just a small space and get a lot of open areas. And these bi-fold doors can be installed into as many divisions as required to separate the opening, not necessarily in just two sections, as the name suggests.

It’s not just plain glass with a frame that is used in installing these doors. There are various materials and extra paraphernalia that come in handy for the householders.

Additional Features Of Bi-Fold Doors

  • Double GlazingThis helps with the condensation reduction for your windows in the rooms as the glass does not get as cold as the single glazed one. The air gap between the double glazed sides allows retaining the inside glass facing the room nearer the room temperature.
  • Wide-RangingRight from timber to aluminium and UPVC windows, all can be found in bi-fold doors based on your budget, requirement and taste.
  • Superfluous PrivacyBi-fold doors offer partial or complete obscuring and frosting for an added element of privacy. There are privacy shades, curtains and shutters additions as well that are available in the market.
  • CustomizationThe glasses come with a choice of colours and glazing personalisation options. There are many alternatives to choose from for the frame finishes, for instance, woodgrain.

Double-glazed bi-fold doors function similar to sliding doors, the only difference being that they open differently. While installing bi-fold doors, it is essential to see whether that part of the room provides enough privacy. Along with this, since a great amount of glass goes into its manufacturing, it becomes necessary to have efficient insulation along with tight closing and opening seals with quality glazing. All this will help the householder to manage energy efficiency positively and also prevent condensation on the glass.

Places Where Bi-Fold Doors Function Their Best

Bi-fold doors are generally are high trafficked, which means that they can endure frequent usage by multiple people. This quality makes bi-fold doors ideal for living areas and kitchens which open into outdoor spaces or gardens, where one can get pleasure from uninterrupted views.

Most commonly, bi-fold doors are kept in regions that face opposite to the street. Prospective areas where bi-fold doors are perfect include:

  • Home extensions
  • Summer houses
  • Potting sheds and grows rooms
  • Garden rooms
  • Pool rooms

These were the doors facing away from the house. Coming to the rooms that face within the house, where bi-fold doors look best are:

  • Dining areas and open plan kitchen
  • Child bedrooms and playrooms
  • Large bathrooms
  • Fitted closets, dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes

As mentioned earlier as well, it becomes vital to acknowledge the fact that since most bi-fold doors face from internal to external views, the concern for privacy and security increases slightly. A robust frame and a trustworthy supplier will ensure that there isn’t any chance left for forcing a door open and the glazing is shatterproof.

Bi-fold doors come with advanced designs made available with up-to-date building regulations along with the provision of energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security as good as standard double-glazing. Basically, bi-fold doors function in a wide range of places and spaces, and they can craft an ingenious design choice for rooms where natural air or light is wanted and is advantageous.

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