GIB stopper

How can a GIB stopper help you?

GIB stopping in Auckland becomes handy when you are out and about getting the renovation done in your house. This service helps you get a quality and durable finish. If you want your ceiling to look magazine-style perfect, GIB stopping is what you need. Above all, you need an experienced GIB stopper.

What does a GIB stopper do?

GIB stoppers help you out when you run into trouble during your renovation work. Be it a hole in the wall or peeling paint, these professionals can fix all your problems related to plasterboard and GIB installation. When you hire an experienced stopper, you can rest easy as they take care of all the dents and dings from previous repairs. Aside from helping you with installing GIB and plasterboard, stoppers can also help you repair an existing wall.

When should you call the GIB stopper?

Ideally, you should call the GIB stopper as soon as you can. Calling them in too late will lead to unnecessary delays in your renovation work. For instance, if you call the stopper after painting when you notice a blemish, you will need to have the painter come over and work a second time. An ideal time to hire a stopper is after the builder is done with his work and before the painter comes in. The plasterboard work must be completely dry before you start painting the walls.

How will a GIB stopper help you?

Once you hire them, a GIB stopper starts working on the solid wall. They prepare the surface by fixing a wire lath. Depending on the material your wall is made of, stoppers will apply the necessary coats to make plaster stick to the surface. For instance, if you have concrete walls, a gypsum coat will be applied.

Furthermore, stoppers will also suggest the plaster products and tools you should buy, as they know which will help create the best finish. Finally, GIB stoppers also focus on beautifying any given space in the house by creating beautiful finishes and design elements using plaster.

How to choose a GIB stopper?

When choosing a GIB stopper, look for the following to ensure you have the right person for the job:

  • Experience in plaster-boarding and GIB stopping
  • Knowledge about the compounds, materials, and tools used in the job
  • Knowledge of various plastering techniques
  • Knowledge of how to use different flashing and cladding systems
  • Proper license to work


GIB stopping can help your renovation look the way you envision it to be. Hiring a GIB stopper is a step you mustn’t skip if you aren’t familiar with the stopping process. Make sure you hire the right one to ensure you get the finish you want to get after the work.

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