Internet Safety for Kids

How Can a Proxy Enhance Internet Safety for Kids

With society’s growing interdependence with gadgets and the internet, it is high time to enhance and be more strict with internet safety measures, especially for kids.

Internet safety measures refer to the user’s awareness of different security measures regarding personal privacy and building relationships with internet strangers. Most adults may consider the necessary actions common sense, but it’s a different story for kids.

As such, responsible parents and guardians need to step in. One of the best things you can do is invest in datacenter proxy servers.

What is a Proxy Server

Proxies are distinct point connections that connect the user to the internet. For an easier image, imagine a proxy as a train station. The proxy is the station of your current location and it takes you to your destination station which is any domain on the internet.

Following the image above, proxy servers are a closed tunnel that ensures safe passage from point A to point B. It blocks out external circumstances that may cause ruin. These external circumstances are malware and other dangerous cyber attacks that may compromise sensitive data and corrupt files.

Proxy servers are the safe layer of protection when your kids explore the internet. Want to learn how? Read on!

How does it enhance internet security for kids?

1.   Private Browsing

The first benefit is advantageous for both kids and parents. Proxy servers offer the advantage of private browsing.

Once you connect with a proxy server in a different country, the sites that your child might access during their use will not be able to track your IP address. It reduces the risk of any external hacking activities.

This is ideal if you notice that your child opens different links and tabs every time. It doesn’t just protect your kids; it also covers all the users’ data of the gadget they are using. One such example is of the pirate bay mirror proxy service.

Private browsing is necessary, primarily when your child uses your personal gadgets. Your personal information, credit card details, and other sensitive data may be at stake when your child accidentally gains access to sketchy websites.

You can also access free proxy list from proxyscrape to get a feel of what true cybersecurity feels like.

Having a private and secure proxy network will not only ensure a safe experience for your child, but it will also safe-keep your personal details.

2.   Website Blockers

Next on the list is website blocking. Did you know that proxy server is a staple in companies to limit their employees’ access to certain websites? It is a common practice that aims to lessen distractions during office hours to increase employee productivity.

And you can do the same for your children!

It’s not a secret that there are tons of sites that are liberal with posts that aren’t ideal for children. As parents, it’s understandable that you want your kids to stay away from those sites as long as possible.

Although some parents do extreme policing where they check every site their kid visits every day, not everyone has the luxury of the time.

Blocking the site behind a proxy wall is the most effective solution. You can go about your day without worrying whether your kid might accidentally access inappropriate sites.

3.   Firewalls

The best proxy servers create the most durable firewalls. Basically, proxies are security systems that are specifically made to block unwanted access. It checks the legitimacy or safety of the site before it allows access to it. It double-checks if the data does not, in any way, pose a danger.

Firewalls ward off the access of malware that can compromise your child and family’s data.

Proxies as firewalls are also a welcome addition to your internet security measures because they also help your kid learn about security.

When the security firewall doesn’t allow access to a specific site, it usually prompts that the entry is unsafe. Children don’t just take it as is and proceed with their browsing. Most of them do what they do best, ask questions!

As such, these moments become the perfect opportunities to talk about internet usage, both the good and the bad.

This is also beneficial for adult users who are also unfamiliar with how the internet works. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Even with the use of proxies, parental guidance is always necessary when it comes to internet safety for kids.

So, we also have a list of what you can do to supplement the role of proxies in providing safety.

What Can You Do (as an Adult) to Provide a Safe Internet Experience for the Kids?

1.   Honesty is the Best Policy

When your children start to explore the internet on their own, be upfront with them that not everything they see will be to their liking.

It’s better to let them know beforehand rather than not to let them know anything. When you’ve already told them about this and discussed the other steps to deal with them, they can have a better internet experience. It also lessens your worries about them.

2.   Make Internet Time Interactive

When your kids are starting to venture out, make sure to be with them. Similar to how training wheels work, your role will be to guide them with basic internet dos and don’ts. And the easiest way to do this is to have an interactive experience together.

Explore kids’ sites together. Let them make all the decisions, but make sure to ask questions or pretend as if they are the ones teaching you.

It will be a fun and educational experience for both parties!

Final Thoughts

The Internet of Things has provided us with benefits that were so hard to achieve decades ago. It provided us with connectivity and a constant presence among people and to things that we enjoy. Consequently, disadvantages and dangers are also looming at every corner.

As parents, there is an inherent need to prioritize the safety of the children. That need naturally extends to their internet safety. Always remember that kids are more vulnerable in the internet space. They are at the stage where they want to explore and try all things that they stumble upon.

It always pays to be safe than sorry. Proxy servers can help you create a safe space for your children on the internet.

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