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How can you improve employee engagement – Michael Osland

Employee engagement is a significant concern for businesses and organizations. Engaged employees are recognized for their responsiveness, productivity, and commitment to duty. They take the initiative and try to improve efficiency to create better results. A disengaged employee is the opposite of an engaged worker, who is listless in performance or even steps towards sabotage.

An engaged workforce generally has several benefits on organizational profitability. Examples include reduced turnover rates, improved productivity levels through increased morale, more motivated customers/clients who become more loyal over time, thinking they are being supported by committed employees rather than just numbers on a spreadsheet, or business processes that don’t have any human element anymore because of automation instead of happy people engaging each other.

 Improve employee engagement by

Establishing clear communication and policies says Michael Osland

Provide clear communication about your company’s mission, vision, and values. Make this information available to employees when they begin their employment, and highlight it in periodic training sessions. Ensure that employees know how they add value to the organization and develop professionally within the organization. Implement a rewards program for outstanding contributions that provides positive reinforcement for employees who go above and beyond expected expectations. This will improve employee engagement and encourage other workers to step up and deliver their best work as well.

Invest in technology

Upgrade computer systems or implement better IT programs to access the tools that will allow them to do their jobs efficiently.

Offer workplace flexibility

Allow employees to work from home or on a job-share basis so that they can fulfill other responsibilities outside of their employment at your company. This will provide them with more opportunities to advance their careers and improve employee engagement since workers may be more willing to help out if they have some measure of control over how and when their jobs are performed.

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Provide continuous feedback

Give your employees regular feedback about the quality of their work, specific goals they should aim for, and ways to improve their performance says Michael Osland. This is a great way to increase worker productivity and make them feel empowered by allowing them to ask questions and establish a plan of action.

Offer training programs

Provide employees with the opportunity to improve their skills through professional development or training courses that will teach them new skills or enhance old ones. This is a great way to show workers how much you value their contributions and make it easier for your company to increase revenue by offering more services or products if your staff can better assist customers.

Establishing clear communication and policies, investing in technology, offering workplace flexibility, providing continuous feedback, and offering training programs are vital strategies for improving employee engagement.

If you implement these strategies, employees will be more committed to the company and willing to go the extra mile. Implementing these strategies is also crucial for increasing worker productivity.  Workers who feel empowered and appreciated for their contributions will be more likely to provide continuous support and positive feedback.  This, in turn, helps your company to grow and improve its market position.

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