Integration Between Sales and Marketing Teams
Integration Between Sales and Marketing Teams

How Can You Improve Integration Between Sales and Marketing Teams?

The rivalry between the sales and marketing teams in companies is well-known. It is the same-old clash of claims between the two. Marketing professionals think their unique ideas do the trick for the company, while the sales teams believe they do the actual work interacting with customers.

Every company has different degrees of this clash. Some companies might not have a lot of clashes between the two teams. But you’ll be strapped to find a company where the sales and marketing teams are the best of buds.

Well, it seems like an outlandish thought for some companies, doesn’t it? But, fortunately, there are ways you can bring your sales and marketing teams closer.

But what if the sales and marketing teams could work together in harmony? To see if this is possible, first you need to check for current and potential synergies. Compare with other non-competitor companies, see how they are doing. Hire a marketing consultant, specialist in processes, to analyze were the gaps and flaws in the process are.

As with all other divides in the world, this can also be bridged. A little bit of understanding and intelligent planning goes a long way, and it can certainly help you improve integration between the sales and marketing teams.

So, let’s explore some ways you can achieve that harmony.

Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide

Here are some ways you can bridge the sales vs. marketing divide.

Create a Comfortable Work Environment

The environment at the workplace is vital. So, do you want your sales and marketing team to work together? Then you have to foster a friendly work environment.

In most workplaces, the sales and marketing teams work separately, and there is little interaction between the two teams. You can’t expect the two teams to come closer if your workplace has the same environment.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to spot and eliminate any toxic stuff from your workplace. Foster a working environment where people can talk to one another. Communication is vital to bridge any divide. The same goes for the divide between the sales and marketing teams.

Office trips are an excellent way to bring the workforce together. You can also plan game days where everybody plays a few fun games together. Once your sales and marketing teams begin to mingle, you will see them working in harmony.

Build Inclusive Strategies

Giving a goal or path to follow to your workforce is essential, and we’re not talking about the monthly list of tasks to complete. Instead, we are talking about the grand vision of your company that brings the entire workforce under one banner.

You have to present this grand scheme to both teams together. Again, let them discuss and make them feel free to voice their opinions. Ask them what their strategy is for the company to reach its goals. Let both the teams interact and work out solutions.

The sales and marketing teams rarely interact with one another in most offices. Such discussions will change that, and the two teams will have meaningful conversations. Note that these discussions will also make them feel that they share the same goal.

And if they realize that the company’s vision unites them, your job is done. If you manage to bring these two teams together, your business is sure to reach new heights.

Inclusive Strategies Mean Build Them Together

Inclusive Strategies Mean Build Them Together

Ask Them to Share Data

Your marketing team collects a lot of market data on consumers and uses it to see if their marketing efforts are working.

The sales team, on the other hand, picks up real-world data when they interact with customers. When the sales and teams at your company interact more, they can share this data. Both teams will benefit a lot from each other’s inputs.

It would be best if you made them realize the importance of sharing their inputs. Once they start doing it, they will see how useful working together is. As a result, they will gradually start working in harmony.

Provide cross-training 

Sales and marketing seem to have conflicts between goals. While the sales department is concerned about the end of the month results, marketing may sometimes be thinking on the mid to the long run. It may be true in a few cases, but marketing became an integral part of sales in the digital world.

Having a banner on a website is to promote branding activities and generate clicks to the website and grow sales!

Sales professional need to understand the marketing area

Sales professional need to understand the marketing area

Having a total understanding of both activities is crucial to a better relationship between areas. Therefore, the idea is to give cross-training to the sales team and marketing team. The marketing professionals spend a few days selling, and the sales team spends a few days getting trained to do marketing or digital marketing.

A United Workforce Is Vital

There are bound to be differences where there are people. As a business owner, you have to foster an environment where people can quickly resolve their differences. And if you can bring the sales and marketing teams together, you’re on the right track.

Following these four suggestions you increase these two departments integration and therefore, improve sales and customer satisfaction.

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