How Companies Are Working Together to Combat COVID-19

March 2020 began the onset of a virus that we didn’t think would still be here. COVID-19 made its presence known to the world and started to ravage communities.

For an extended period, there wasn’t much information about the virus. It seemed like we learned something new every day. But as vaccine production began, things were slightly looking up.

A new problem arose earlier this year. New variants of COVID-19 have surfaced around the world.

Before, it was about which country could get the vaccine out faster. However, companies worldwide are working together to try and save humanity. Let’s take a look at some of the partnerships below.

Distilleries Are Producing Hand Sanitizer

One of the bare minimum defenses for combating coronavirus was hand sanitizer. It was always around, but as more people became aware of the virus, it became a demanded product.

Distilleries joined the fight to help meet the demands of hand sanitizer. 10th Mountain Whiskey in Colorado and BrewDog in Scotland started hand sanitizer production to roll out along with their alcoholic products.

Tech Giants Are Supporting Workers

Some people have been able to work from home throughout COVID-19. But others have lost the ability to work completely, leaving them with enormous financial burdens.

Two well-known tech giants, Amazon and Microsoft, started the “COVID-19 Response Fund”. Its purpose is to support local businesses and their workers.

Both companies have pledged to continue to pay workers’ wages who are needed in their offices and cannot work from home. Facebook and Apple have also pledged to donate $15 million each towards coronavirus relief.

Manufacturers Have Made Medical Equipment

Another unlikely source of help throughout the pandemic has come from manufacturers. In the UK, Dyson and Rolls Royce joined forces to start making life-saving ventilators. Their assistance was crucial for fighting against rising COVID-19 cases.

Furthermore, in the US, MedWorld Advisors facilitated the partnership between Ford and GE Healthcare. With these two manufacturers working together, they created a ventilator that doesn’t rely on electricity.

It’s a significant development for patients suffering from coronavirus. Check out MedWorld Advisors for more info on the partnership between GE Healthcare and Ford.

Pharma Giants Are Working Together

There’s been a race between companies to see who can produce the first vaccine. Some companies, like Merck, dropped out because their vaccine trials were unsuccessful.

However, this led to another opportunity for them to help during the pandemic. They joined forces with Johnson & Johnson to speed up single-dose vaccine production.

White House officials facilitated calls between the companies to ensure that they could meet production demands. It was no longer a race about creating the first vaccine. It became a dual effort to increase successful vaccine production to help society get back on its feet.

We’re All In This Together

Some unlikely companies have been working together to combat COVID-19. They have helped tremendously by supporting workers, supplying medical equipment, and increasing vaccine production. With their help, we’re inching closer to our “normal” lives again.

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