Cotton Is Used in Printing and Packaging

How Cotton Is Used in Printing and Packaging

Cotton is a popular material of choice thanks to its strong and long lasting properties, offering added strength and durability in comparison to other materials such as paper and plastic. As well as being particularly versatile, it’s renewable properties make it a great choice for the environmentally conscious business and consumer, being able to be reused and recycled for a long lifespan.

Cotton is produced from the cotton plant, where natural cotton balls are extracted and used to produce cotton threads which can be woven to produce a strong material. The neutral looking fibres can be adapted to create various exciting designs and colours, taking well to dyes, bleach, embroidery and printing so you can unleash your creativity. As well as looking the part, the nature of cotton means it can be cleaned. After plenty of use, the cotton can be washed to remove any dirt or stains that may have arisen, keeping it looking fresher for longer for plenty more usage to come.

Reusable cotton bags

Being the most standard type of cotton packaging,  bespoke cotton bags are a huge hit for businesses and customers alike. With plenty of design capabilities, strength to carry heavier weights and sustainable properties, it’s no wonder that they’re becoming one of the main choices for shoppers. Although manufacturing cotton bags requires a larger amount of water and energy, their reusable nature makes them a much more sustainable option. Their flexible style which can be easily folded down to fit in handbags, pockets and cars and conveniently used for groceries or carrying for a day at work or college.

Cotton produce bags

The single use nature of plastic is becoming a well known problem, having a negative impact on our landfill sites and wildlife. To combat the issue, supermarkets and brands are introducing more sustainable alternatives, bags which can be reused every time a customer goes to buy their fresh fruit and veg. Cotton bags with a drawstring seal are a common choice for fresh produce, being easy to fill and carry around or alternatively, cotton nets are common in farmers markets with their simple mesh design that is available in various sizes. As an incentive for consumers to bring their own reusable bag along, some retailers are even offering special rates and discounts to encourage more eco-friendly behaviours.

Cotton jewellery pouches

The presentation of jewellery is part of the experience, carefully unwrapping the packaging to reveal the delicate, sparkly contents. As an alternative to traditional jewellery boxes, cotton pouches are becoming more common thanks to their versatile properties. The small bags have a dainty appearance which can be customised to suit the brand image, offering protection to the jewellery and keeping it safe. The drawstring seal means it can continue being used to store the jewellery, taking up less space than a traditional box and maintaining its quality. As well as jewellery, these small cotton pouches are also suitable for wedding favours, cosmetics and small keepsakes.

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