Flat Feet

How Do Flat Feet Affect Your Overall Health?

Flat feet are a common condition that can happen to anyone. Flat feet can badly affect the overall health and can lead to injuries and discomfort. Babies usually have flat feet that grow and naturally turn out to be arch. However, for some people, this is not the case.

The primary danger of flat feet is a lack of shock absorption function. While running or walking, the intense vibrations of the body are not dampened by the foot but are transmitted to the hip joints and spine and this causes a lot of troubles in the long run.

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Other causes of flat feet are injuries, excessive physical activities, and wear and tear stresses of age. Some common issues with your body may include pain in the hips and knees while walking and running. It is due to the improper alignment of the foot.

How Does it Impact Overall Health?

Lack of Support

The feet, being one of the most dependent regions in our body, support our entire weight. Fallen arches fail to provide the maximum support. Flat feet cause you complications in many aspects, such as running, walking, or standing for a long while.

Plantar Fasciitis

Another condition of plantar fasciitis is common in patients with flat feet. What happens in plantar fasciitis is the wear and tear of ligaments, resulting in extreme pain in the heel and causes inflammation.


Overpronation is another condition associated with flat feet. It is a natural movement that occurs during foot landing. When you move, the foot rolls inwardly, which develops ankle, foot pain, and discomfort. In this way, a small part of your feet is overburdening the work, making it difficult to cope with walking or standing.

Spinal Problems

Lastly, when the flat feet couldn’t hold the weight properly, the spinal misalignment, leading to pain in the lower back, legs, and hips.

Diagnosis and Treatment

As long as you’re not experiencing symptoms of the fallen arch, it’s okay. But, as soon as the pain begins in your legs, lower back, hips, and knees, consult a doctor. You must know that flat feet are a condition and can’t be permanently treated. However, there are many ways to tone down the sensation of pain.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Physiotherapy involves stretching the ankle and feet.
  • Proper diet and nutrition.
  • Wear special shoes (Orthotic supports) that provide arch support.
  • Use over-the-counter drugs such as Aleve and Adil.
  • Rollover the golf ball underneath the feet to reduce stress and pain.


Being a flat feet person doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Unfortunately, this condition is irreversible but can be prevented temporarily. Relying on these simple treatments would be a fantastic idea to manage the severity of pain.

More importantly, if your condition gets worse, make sure you visit a doctor and get certified advice to optimize the pain. Alternatively, you can book and confirm your appointment online and get yourself treated with the best doctor in town.

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