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How Does AdvancedMD EHR Enhance Patient Care? 

Electronic health records (EHR) have evolved into an essential component of a physician’s practice and a foundation of the health sector. They give you a more comprehensive picture of a patient’s condition and history. If you are a medical practitioner tired of conducting all your tasks manually, here’s an all-in-one solution for you!

AdvancedMD EHR is appropriate for small, medium, and large ambulatory medical offices. It is a cost-efficient system that combines robust EHR software with effective practice management software and a billing solution. In addition, it’s designed to evolve with a medical practice, making it a versatile solution that can meet the needs of a variety of specializations. Moreover, it can assist specialties such as cardiology, pediatrics, neurology, primary care, and others.

Benefits of AdvancedMD EHR Software

Easy Appointment Scheduling

You may register a new patient or pick an existing one in AdvancedMD’s appointment scheduling function. If you have numerous setups, this function allows you to see your appointments at each location.

This tool also sends text messages, phone calls, and emails to patients and healthcare providers to remind them of upcoming appointments. In addition, the AdvancedMD calendar, which provides a quick snapshot of the patient’s history, allows you to see all of your appointments.

Donut Filters

AdvancedMD EHR software uses “donut filters” to provide quick access to information about numerous performance measures. Donut filters are visualizations of specific data or tasks named after their circular shape.

For example, the donut filter related to Messages takes you to your inbox, while the health Watcher donut enables you to monitor patients who require recurring visits, such as for a chronic ailment. You may arrange recurrent appointments, take extra notes about the patient, and send out automated appointment reminders via email, text, or phone using the health Watcher donut.

AdvancedMD Billing Software

One of the most versatile methods to manage your financial chores is AdvancedMD’s medical billing tool. The revenue cycle management tools in the billing module are highly robust. AdvancedMD collaborates with clearinghouses, and the software’s subscription price incorporates the fee for that. Once you sign the clinical notes on the EHR, the costs are automatically transmitted to the billing module.

In addition, by interacting with credit card processors, AdvancedMD can also assist you in getting speedy payments on outstanding amounts. Finally, AdvancedMD also provides customized medical billing reports to assist you in improving the financial performance of your clinic. Overall, AdvancedMD medical billing is an excellent feature for your healthcare practice that has a cheap initial investment.

Patient Portal

Your patients will feel more engaged with AdvancedMD EHR Software’s patient portal. They can use the patient portal to access their medical data, clinical reports, laboratory test results, and payments.

Patients can also use the site to arrange appointments, request prescription renewals, and attend e-visits. In addition, patients can contact their healthcare practitioner with just a few clicks, thanks to the patient portal.

Overall, the patient portal offers a safe and secure means for you and your patient to communicate.

Electronic Prescription

e-Prescription has several advantages for healthcare organizations trying to improve clinical efficiency. AdvancedMD offers e-Prescription software, a quick and secure way to write prescriptions for patients.

Paper prescriptions are more prone to errors, but electronic prescriptions ensure that the pharmacist receives precise information. In addition, the e-Prescription tool alerts you to any allergies or drug interactions in real-time. AdvancedMD also has a Surescripts integration, which allows you to see a patient’s insurance and check their previous meds.

Advanced Reporting Tools

AdvancedMD’s enhanced reporting module provides data-driven insights into the practices’ performance and the clinical data of your patients. Advanced Insight is the name of the entire reporting module.

The reporting module’s financial dashboard, which includes facts about claims generated, claims paid, days in accounts receivable, and more, is specifically tied to the practice management software. Like the rest of AdvancedMD’s dashboards, the financial dashboard is highly customizable, and you can adjust it to show only the most useful widgets for each user.

In addition, the information is available in color-coded visuals like bar graphs and pie charts, making it easy to understand. You can also create custom reports and schedule them to run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual.

AdvancedMD Pricing

AdvancedMD has one of the most versatile pricings plans we’ve seen. Its integrated EHR/PMS software comes with a standard “per provider, per month” approach and an encounter-based program for small clinics.

The basic plan, which includes the EHR and practice management solution, is Rhythm. It begins at $729 per physician each month. Except for the company’s medical billing services, this bundle gives practices access to everything the platform has to provide. In addition, for $429 per provider, per month, you can subscribe for a standalone medical practice management software without the EHR system.

AdvancedMD EHR Reviews

Are you wondering what people who use AdvancedMD EHR have to comment about the software? So, we looked through authentic AdvancedMD EHR reviews to give you a rundown of all you need to know about the system.


  • AdvancedMD offers efficient billing software that helps you manage your billing and other financial tasks.
  • The software has quick customer service, which users appreciate.
  • AdvancedMD EHR Software is exceptionally user-friendly and requires little to no training to navigate.
  • The software has integrated practice management and medical billing solution that helps you manage your workflow from a suitable location.


  • The software often updates, which results in technical glitches.
  • Training and setup can take some time.

AdvancedMD Demo

AdvancedMD EHR software offers a free demo that helps you explore the software in detail. You can navigate through the various software features in real-time. Moreover, the demo enables you to evaluate whether the software fulfills all your requirements or not. You can contact the vendor to schedule the date and time for the demo.

Final Thoughts

AdvancedMD EHR software is a robust software that offers multiple features to help you enhance patient care. The software allows you to optimize your practice to improve care coordination. You can schedule an AdvancedMD demo to evaluate the software in depth.

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