How Famous People Wear Slide Sandals

Do you recall the rubber slippers you used to wear at home during your senior year of high school? Yes, those are the same ones your mother will not allow you to leave the home in. Indeed, you would not be caught dead in these in public! Contrary to popular belief, those appear to be the most popular slippers this spring and summer. Freedom Moses recognized the necessity of wearing slippers out in public and has created distinctive patterns that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Sliders, as they are more widely known, are a type of shoe slide that was first popularized by Adidas and is now seen in every shoe store and on the foot of every young lady around.

So, what is it about sliders that makes them the most fashionable types of footwear?

Sliders are essentially a pair of flip flops that are constructed of rubber and have a wide strap that runs across the front half of the foot to hold them in place. With regards to fashion blue slides, Gucci slides appear to be sweeping the internet, since they are the most searched on Google. Gucci has a tremendous game! Some may argue that it is because they are comfy, easy to put on and take off, and are breezy in the summer. All of this is true. However, as we all know, taking a fashion trend from catwalk to #trending requires the endorsement of a large number of celebrities. Which takes us to a critical point of inquiry and verification – who wore sliders, where did they wear them, and how wonderful did they look?

Rihanna’s Fashion – This is how she styled her Fitflops

Given that Rihanna collaborated with Puma to develop the Rihanna collection, dubbed’ “slides with a bow”, we know she is a lover of these well-fitting flip flops! She then decided to step it up a notch by bringing out Jelly slides.

Gigi Hadid style – How to wear the notorious Puma slides

Gigi attended the Heart Radio Much Music Video Awards in white puma fur slides and a white slip dress! She changed the world’s perception of slides shoes from “what are they” to “where can I buy slide shoes”. As long as Gigi Hadid is wearing them, you can be sure that furry slides are totally in style! Indeed, she is such a devotee that she was observed wearing the same black slides three times in a single week.

Jacqueline Fernandez Style – These shoes look fantastic on everybody

Jacqueline is renowned for her impeccable appearance regardless of where she travels or what she wears. She was spotted several times throughout the summer in fuzzy black sliders, which gives us the impression that these sorts of sandals are here to stay. After all, if the shoe fits properly…

Hailey Baldwin’s fashion sense – Adorn this pair of slide sandals in the same way she does

Hailey wore pearl-embellished Miu Mui slip sandals. Considering the footwear she has previously worn, she is the queen of setting footwear trends. If sliders are the slippers she is opting for this summer, then we are as well! On a casual night out, she paired these slides with a tank shirt, shorts, and a lemon yellow blazer. What a way to be stylishly casual!

Ranveer Singh style – A unique slip-on sandals look to emulate

Without a doubt, Ranveer Singh would have made this list! He was photographed wearing a blue suit and a pair of Adidas sliders that were specifically created for him. He has also been spotted wearing Alexander McQueen slides while out in joggers on a casual night out. When was the last time you heard that slides were solely for women shoes? Adidas, Puma, Gucci, Freedom Moses and Alexander McQueen are all developing unique men’s slide-on shoes!

Kareena Kapoor’s style – Watch the queen of Bollywood master this kind of footwear

The queen of Bollywood wore her black slides with a black tee and white slacks when buying groceries with her son. Clearly, sliders are the way to go if you’re striving for a classy yet casual style. Plus, when Kareena wears them, it makes us fall in love with this style of women’s footwear even more!

Kylie Jenner style – easy-to-style fur slides

Kylie has been photographed in slides numerous times, and each time we think she looks amazing. Aside from pink slides for her baby shower, she’s been seen in black tights and a sweatshirt with Fendi slides, as well as joggers in red and black with black fur slides. Indeed, she captioned a photo of silver and black studded sliders “Easter Slides” on her Instagram page. In her instance, what are slides if they haven’t been shared on social media platforms?

Zendaya’s fashion sense – Boost your style quotient with these chic sandals she’s sporting

Zendaya has been dubbed “fashion fearless” by designer Micheal Kors, who describes her as “the most talked about actress in Hollywood right now”. Zendaya is noted for her acting and her fantastic attitude. This instills confidence in her fashion sense, which is why we adored her airport ensemble, which consisted of an Ivy Park hoodie paired with black Nike fashion slides.

Snoop Dogg’s dressing style – These slippers are unquestionably statement-making

He’s probably been wearing these slippers long before they were fashionable, then when they became fashionable again, they fell out of style. Regardless, he looks fantastic in his sliders, which he frequently wears with socks. He even has a special pair of sliders in his collection that are only available in limited quantities, known as Snoop Dogg Slippers.

North West wearing style – Take a cue from this little one and wear fur slides

As the daughter of Kim and Kanye, she surely possesses a hundred other pairs of slippers and shoes, but her black fur slip-on dress and black fuzzy sliders couldn’t have looked better with any of them. We’d like to know who created her style!


Regardless of differing viewpoints, it appears rather evident that the slider slipper craze is here to stay during summer. Moreover, why shouldn’t it? They’re unique and adaptable, and the variety of styles caters to practically every personality type. These sliders appear to be popular with both the ultra-rich and the middle class, therefore we thank God for reasonable slides! Who needs to debate the merits of flip flops versus sandals when we have sliders? Let your sliders make a statement because your footwear talks better than words in this situation.

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