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How Holistic Sanctuary Treat the Depression in patients

Dealing with mental challenges and depression is tough. But to cure and treat the patient with patience is tougher. Therefore, many mental rehabilitation centers that will only give the medication or the group therapies that do not bring back the sane mental state. However, if you are at the holistic sanctuary rehab, you are certainly at the right place.

At holistic centers you will get the most absolute and potent mental care that never relapses. Along with multiple therapies, Pouyan healing methods, super foods, IV power drips and many more healing approaches we have the best motivational counseling that helps to eradicate the mental traumas from the patient. At our medical spa and the Luxury Holistic Depression Center, you receive the world’s best that brings on the results.

What is motivational counseling at holistic sanctuary?

At holistic sanctuary each of the patients gets the dedicated and exclusive treatment for the cure. Here we treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse and many more disorders. At holistic rehab we come with the ideal solution to motivate and result-oriented one on one sessions.

At the holistic sanctuary you get the motivational/ cognitive counseling that is pretty much ideal. Moreover, natural and plant based medication to boost up health are also there. Also the EET therapy helps the patient the most. The Emotional Freedom Technique is a very successful technique to heal and help the patient from the on-going mental state.

The Pouyan healing method

No one can deny the importance of natural healing. For taking care of depression, anxiety or trauma the Pouyan healing method focuses on the mind repair. Also it effectively addresses the trauma. However, the Pouyan method of healing is not the only one. We also use the powerful IV drips to physically cleanse the patient’s body from the toxins.

The Pouyan healing method was created by the founder of holistic sanctuary, Johnny Tabaie. Since then the success rate is pretty noticeable and many patients have got the new way of healthy lifestyle that never relapses. One of the major reasons why the Pouyan healing method is ideal is to focus on the underlying cause of the depression or the sickness which is helpful. Moreover, stem cell therapies, holistic healing and other treatments are observed for deep repair.

Treatment of PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Trauma, and Alcoholism

Just like depression, holistic rehab also treats PTSD, alcoholism and much more on a very ground level. With the privilege of being dedicated to a world class holistic medical spa and healing treatment, we offer real methods of cure.

At the holistic depression or mental rehab center the patent receives up to 35 hours of one on one session each week. Moreover, it also comes as an effective solution to get rid of the addiction from Crack – Meth – Heroin – Benzos – Oxycontin – Cocaine –Alcohol – Suboxone – Methadone.

How holistic is treating depression and mental challenges?

  •         Teach a complete holistic lifestyle change
  •         Safely detox all narcotic residues from the body
  •         Treat emotional trauma and PTSD with plant medicine
  •         Help Repair the damaged brain to a pre-addicted state
  •         Reprogram the brain and end negative thought patterns
  •         Activate Stem Cells in the body to heal faster than normal
  •         Repair the immune system holistically with the Pouyan Method
  •       Find out and then help resolve the underlying cause of most, if not all Symptoms

We mainly have three holistic Baja packages for the aliens known as gold, silver and platinum. Each of these packages offer a unique way of treating the patient and in one season and multiple treatments makes sure to help in the healing process.



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