Horizontal Badge Holders

How Horizontal Badge Holders Facilitate Easy Identification

A rigid badge holder is an excellent tool that lets you quickly and discreetly identify individuals while allowing them the freedom of movement. This plastic encasement has many functions, such as holding identification badges, precise entry passes, and name tags. You can use a horizontal badge holder for employee badges, while a vertical badge holder can hold name tags.

Badge holders attach via a clip on the back and hang around an individual’s neck. The badges are then slid inside the rigid plastic encasement to be displayed on the front. 

A horizontal badge holder can also hold identification cards while allowing easy insertion while remaining attached. The rigid material allows for easy writing and erasing, which helps keep your company’s information up to date.

Benefits of Badge Holders

The rigid badge holder is a great accessory to have for any worker or visitor entering a building. The benefit of the plastic encasement over a card sleeve or cardboard is that it protects the identity card from wear and tear while housed inside.

Another benefit of a horizontal badge holder is its ability to allow name tags to slide in and out easily. The card sleeve can only attach via a clip on the back and can easily detach from its weight if not properly attached.

How Do They Allow Easy Identification?

The clear plastic allows the ID card to remain visible while not obstructing other aspects of the individual wearing it. This gives an easy way for individuals to identify others while still allowing them freedom of movement. The freedom is constructive for those working in the service industry, such as restaurant and retail employees.

The rigid design of this tool is a great way to ensure that your identification cards do not become damaged or worn out quickly, protecting your information. The horizontal holder holds badges and IDs securely with a strong clip.

How Can They Be Used?

One of the most common uses for badge holders is to hold employee ID badges. When you provide them with badge holders, it makes it much easier for you to convince your employees to wear their ID badges on them at all times. 

ID badges are used in many areas, such as hospitals, schools, malls, hotels, and casinos. The clip allows for easy attachment to anyone wearing a shirt, while the clear sleeve allows the information to be viewable at all times.

Name tags are another widespread use of these badge holders. They allow you to attach your name tag anywhere on your clothing without having it slip or become easily damaged. The strong clip is a great way to ensure that your name tag remains attached at all times.

Clear entry passes are another use for these badge holders. This feature allows individuals to quickly show their entry pass without taking it off every time they enter the building. The rigid design of this tool ensures that each pass remains protected while also being viewable at all times.

Ways to Find the Best Badge holders

The best badge holders are made of strong, clear plastic. So your identification cards stay protected while remaining viewable at all times. The horizontal holder is designed with a metal clip that attaches easily to clothing while also ensuring that your ID stays in place securely.


The first thing you should look for when looking to purchase badge holders is the durability of the design. The best ones are made of thick plastic that completely covers your information card while protecting it from wear and tear. 

At the same time, the plastic should also be clear to ensure that the information on the ID badge is easily visible.


The type of badge holder you choose depends on how you will be using it. If you are having employees wear their badges, you will need a strong clip on the back. If you are using your badge holder to hold an entry pass, you will want one with a rigid and comfortable neck cord so it can be hung around the neck for extended periods.  


Always look for items designed to last, mainly if they are being used in high traffic areas. Look for items that you can reuse when needed, primarily if you plan to use them at multiple locations or events.


You want to make sure that the badge holder you choose is made of quality material that ensures durability. This will ensure that the cards stay and place and don’t get damaged. 


When choosing badge holders, you always want to make sure that they are reasonably priced, especially if you plan on using them at multiple locations or events. However, you can’t just buy the least expensive one, as the quality may be inferior. 

Quality items will guarantee durability, making the extra cost worth it in the long run.

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