How much CBD can our body absorb

How Much CBD Can Our Body Absorb?

Have you ever wondered while taking CBD how much CBD your body can absorb? To be effective, first, CBD needs to be immersed in our bloodstream. When the blood absorbs it, then it can reach our cells and tissues. Then the CBD gets our endocannabinoid system and meets with the receptors to be processed. The concept of how much of the product reaches our bloodstream is widely popular as bioavailability.

By knowing the bioavailability, we can estimate the amount of product we should be taking. If the bioavailability is high, a small amount will be acceptable, but we need to take more significant amounts if the bioavailability is low. For example, if you are taking the organic CBD tincture, knowing the product’s bioavailability and the other information (like concentration, type of CBD, etc.) will help you determine the correct dosage.

The bioavailability depends on a few things like how you have taken it when you have taken it, health conditions, and a few other factors. We will discuss these factors below.

Different CBD products and their bioavailability:

CBD is the trendiest name in the wellness world right now. You can consume CBD in different ways. Each of these procedures has a different rate of bioavailability.

  • Oral Consumption: There are many ways you can consume CBD like Capsules, Organic CBD tincture, foods, or beverages. Oral consumption is the most popular way to take CBD but unfortunately not the most effective one. CBD is fat-soluble, and our body is mostly water which makes absorption challenging. Our digestive system (the digestive acids and enzymes) also destroys a large amount of CBD before absorption; then, it goes to the liver. Studies suggest that 15-20% of CBD reaches the bloodstream in the best cases. Generally, for oral CBD, it lies somewhere between 5-15%. But oral CBD affects the body for longer hours than other methods. Oral CBDs are the easiest, most convenient, and popular way of taking CBD. Organic CBD tincture is the most popular oral CBD.
  • Inhalation: Inhalation is another way to intake CBD, and also it is an excellent way to avoid the digestive tracts. In this process, CBD directly affects the lungs. Inhaled CBD works faster, but the effect is relatively short-lived than other procedures. Mainly smoking and vaping are the two ways to inhale CBD.

Smoking is the most typical way of inhaling CBD. The absorption rate can reach up to 31%, which is relatively high. But with the smoke of CBD flower burns, you will also be inhaling some other cannabinoid by-products which can irritate or damage the lungs.

Vaping is a lot safer way of inhaling CBD. Vaporizers are made from CBD oils, dry herbs, etc. When you inhale it, the CBD reaches the lungs. This way, the CBD is absorbed by the blood quickly. The bioavailability of vaping CBD reaches up to 56%. It is also relatively cost-effective.

  • Sublingual CBD: An easy way to increase the bioavailability of CBD oil or organic CBD tincture is to hold it under the tongue. The thin membrane absorbs the CBD directly, which reduces the waste of CBD significantly. Just keep the drops of oils or tinctures under your tongue for a minute or two before swallowing. This process increases the absorption rate up to 35%. People also use oral and nasal sprays of CBD for this process.
  • Transdermal Method: In this process, we place a CBD patch on the skin. CBD is fat-soluble, so the water-soluble skin layer does not precisely help in absorption. But if you target a specific area, particularly for pain or inflammation, this process might be helpful. Though the process takes time, it is effective if you want a consistent dose. Transdermal CBD is also known to have lesser side effects.

Factors that influence the absorption of CBD in our body:

We stated previously that there are a few factors on which the bioavailability or the absorption rate depends. Like,

  • Medical Conditions: Your health status influences the absorption of CBD, especially your liver condition. The liver processes the blood, and nutrients also metabolize drugs. Your other health conditions might factor too. So, it is best if you consult your doctor before taking CBD if you have any medical conditions. If you have a healthy body, the bioavailability of CBD in the body will be higher.
  • Fed or fasted: Due to the fat solubility of CBD, its absorption rate is much higher if taken with a fatty meal. The bioavailability of CBD is much higher if consumed with food (preferably high fat) than on an empty stomach. The food will also help to increase the time it stays in your body. Food can increase bioavailability up to four times.

Ways to increase the absorption rate of CBD in our body

So, according to research and studies, these tips may increase the bioavailability of CBD in our bodies.

  • When you are consuming oral CBD, Hold the edibles or drinks for a few minutes under your tongue before swallowing.
  • Try to take the CBD with a fat-based meal. Avocado, nuts, and rich in omega-three fish will help.
  • Though it is not scientifically proven, many think that Piperine, a chemical compound present in pepper, helps in boosting the absorption rate.
  • The increment in dosage also increases the absorption rate.
  • You can try water-soluble CBD products for better bioavailability.


It is no secret that emu oil cbd  is a true friend in wellness. But science is still discovering its properties and effects. We learned that the bioavailability of CBD depends on various factors, but it also depends on your body type, your metabolism type. For every person, it works in a slightly different way. If you are taking CBD orally from a store, you can try an organic CBD tincture. You need to remember that CBD oils and tinctures are not the same things. CBD tinctures are alcohol-based products, where CBD oils are oil-based products. So, you have to find out what works best for you. Listen to your body and make the right choice.


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