How to analyze and start business in any field

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The essentials in brief

  • Good business ideas solve a real problem
  • They are based on customer needs and current trends
  • It doesn’t always have to be your own idea – but it should match the personality of your founder

How do you recognize a good business idea?

It’s not that easy to find a good business idea. Nevertheless, the success stories of numerous start-ups prove that it is possible. In principle, you are of course free to come up with ideas. For example, you can use current trends as a guide. Your idea should still meet a few important requirements. 

This is how your service or product should solve a real problem. If there are already other providers on the market, your offer should solve the problem better than the others are already doing. At the same time, it is crucial for your business success that the relevant market is large enough for you to be able to make a good living from your business. Last but not least, your business idea must match your personality.

How can you find a suitable business idea?

The best business ideas often combine social developments, current trends or high demand with a product or service.

  • Examine current trends
  • identify customer needs
  • 6-3-5 method

Analyze current trends

Current trends offer you inspiration for undiscovered business ideas . Digitization, artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability are still trends that drive founders to develop new products and services. Climate change, 5G and certainly the corona pandemic, which is forcing us to rethink many areas of our lives, are leading to a fundamental change in our values. 

It is therefore worth keeping an eye on and analyzing current trends – international, national or regional – in order to find a good business idea.

Study customer needs and demand

Not every trend automatically leads to business success. In order to find out whether your idea is viable in the long term, it is important to know the needs of your customers and to be able to realistically assess the demand for a specific offer. For example, consumers today expect companies to prioritize the careful and balanced use of resources as well as data protection and data security in their business activities. 

The 6-3-5 method

6 participants, 3 ideas, 5 rounds. The 6-3-5 method or Method 635 is a constructive creativity technique for brainstorming in a group. Similar to brainstorming, the ideas are first collected with this method without evaluating them. 

In order to apply the method, 6 participants are required in the first round, who each write down 3 ideas on an A4 sheet of paper after formulating a clear question. In the following rounds, the sheets are passed on clockwise so that all 6 participants complete all 6 sheets with another 3 ideas. Each round lasts about 5 minutes. At the end of the day, this method results in a total of 108 ideas in the best case, which are then evaluated for their feasibility and possible success. 

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