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How to avoid the risks of software development outsourcing?

Unfortunately, there is still no separate area of ​​software development insurance. To avoid software development risks, the customer should conduct a mini market research. What should clients consider to pick up a reliable contractor? When looking for IT partners, pay attention to the following points. The company’s previous projects and the overall quality of the portfolio speaks volumes about the seriousness of the brand. It is great if the crew envisages outsourcing services in some narrow niche, for the transport sector or startups. Feedback from customers who have already ordered the team help you navigate. It is advisable to look for previous customers on independent sites like Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages mentioned in most of the reviews, and determine how critical they are. Ask the selected teams questions about the future project. For example, the manager of Diceus – IT software development company will tell you in detail what can be done and will guide you in terms of time.

Outsourcing company search

Having selected the best software companies in this way, contact them and discuss the following aspects:

  • The outsourcing company must have code quality assurance (QA) measures in place. This means that software testing is performed and the code is confirmed for unwanted errors. Thus, failures in the system are excluded, as well as bugs getting into the eyes of users. This process should involve not only testers, but also the programmers themselves, who monitor the correct operation of the code in the process of developing custom software. In addition, the software testing process should not be postponed until the final stage of the project, but should be carried out throughout the entire development cycle.
  • The functionality must meet the requirements and the code should be ready within the time allotted for elaboration.
  • Each project needs support. It is common practice to give the necessary support upon completion of a product. This work is paid separately.
  • Timely project execution is one of the most important conditions. Even if all of the above is present, but the outsourcing company does not fulfill its obligations on time, this can hurt the project. In addition to fixing the deadlines in the outsourcing contract or annex to it, it is also required to provide for the regular provision of intermediate editions of the app.

Legalization of guarantees

In general, an outsourcing contract should include the following details:

  • Clause about acceptance testing and its duration. Upon the expiration of the specified period, the developed software is considered accepted. Each client checks in detail the received application or site and inform the contractor about any errors or inconsistencies with the technical specifications. The outsourcing company corrects such errors at its own expense.
  • The warranty period for software is the period during which the software must be free from defects. Usually it is 120-180 days.
  • A statement that the software provided by the outsourcing company must be free from viruses and other malware.

In some cases, outsourcing companies also provide information on the recommended hardware on which the developed programs should be used, for example, when it comes to server software.


To reduce the risks of IT outsourcing associated with guarantees for the code, discuss and fix in the contract:

  • Deadlines for software development and penalties for their violation;
  • Requirements for the quality of the code;
  • The procedure for accepting the project;
  • Duration of the software warranty;
  • Deadline for providing support upon completion of the project.

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