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How To Become More Socially-Conscious With An ESG Integration

When you think of sustainability and investing, you probably think of things like clean energy or water. While those things are important, it’s also important to consider the social impact of investments.

In other words, how will an investment affect the people in that company or sector?

These factors are called ESG (environmental, social, and governance) metrics, which can have a big impact on your portfolio and your personal values. All three of these acronyms refer to different ways to look at the way a company operates or its impact on society.

It’s not enough to just invest in stocks that seem like they would be good long-term investments; integration of ESG factors into your investing strategy is crucial for ensuring that your portfolio has positive long-term returns while still remaining aligned with your personal values.

Read on to learn more about how ESG integration works, how it can benefit you as an investor, and what steps you should take to integrate ESG considerations into your own financial portfolio.

What Is ESG Integration?

ESG integration is the practice of taking ESG factors into account when choosing stocks or funds.

For example, you might decide that you want to invest in companies that are environmentally sustainable. When you’re researching funds to invest in, you would look through each fund’s investment strategy to see if they include companies in the clean energy industry. If a fund’s investment strategy includes investments in clean energy, you would mark it as having “good” ESG factors.

After you’ve reviewed several funds and stocks and marked them as “good” or “bad” for each ESG factor, you can start to create a diversified portfolio with the best of both worlds.

How Does ESG Integration Benefit You as an Investor?

Better Investment Returns

Investing in funds with better ESG integration can lead to higher investment returns thanks to things like less volatility and fewer fund manager turnover rates.

Higher Risk-adjusted Returns

Investing in funds with better ESG integration can lead to higher risk-adjusted returns. Risk-adjusted returns take into account the fund’s volatility and the expected future return.

Lower Fees and Taxes

Because socially responsible funds can perform better and have fewer turnover rates, you could pay less in fees and see lower taxes from these investments.

How to Incorporate ESG Factors into Your Investment Strategy

When you’re thinking about how to integrate ESG factors into your investment strategy, it’s important to remember that there is no perfect way to do it. Instead, you should focus on doing a little bit of research on each of the funds or stocks you’re interested in and deciding whether it has good or bad ESG factors.

There are a few things you can look at to determine whether an investment has good or bad ESG factors. They include:

  • The fund’s social responsibility rating. This is a rating that fund companies use to evaluate funds’ ESG integration. The higher a fund’s rating, the more positively it impacts society.
  • The fund’s holdings. You can look at the list of companies a fund owns to see whether they have bad ESG factors.
  • The fund’s manager. Some fund managers have been more known for managing socially responsible funds than others. For example, the founder of Calvert Investments started the company with the goal of investing ethically.

In Conclusion

When you think about investing, you probably think about stocks and earning a profit. However, investing is so much more than that. It’s about helping people and the environment and making a difference in the world. It’s about taking your money and putting it towards things that will positively impact people and the planet.

Investing in socially responsible funds is an easy way to do that. By investing in these funds, you can make your money go further by investing in companies that make a difference in the world.

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