Choose the Best Brad Nailer

How to Choose the Best Brad Nailer? – Buyer’s Guide

When working on home renovations, you want to make sure your work looks neat and efficient! For this purpose, Brad nailer is perfect for giving your woodwork an excellent and tidy finish. Brad nailers can provide you a more durable bond between your wood pieces without causing any cracks or dents.

When buying the best brad nailer, you may want to pay attention to some specific features that will help you decide which brand or model is best suited for your use. They are listed as follows,

Tip of the brad nailer

First and foremost, when buying the brad nailer, you must examine its tip. If you are going to be using it in small spaces or corners of your woodwork, you may want to invest in nailers with narrow tips. This will allow you to work with more precision as you can control exactly which point is to be nailed on the wood.

A narrow tip will also help exert more pressure and hence make the nail fix more firmly into the wood pieces. This ensures a stronger and more durable bond.

A tool-free mechanism to remove jammed nails

No matter what quality brad nailer you choose, the nails may get jammed at any point when using the machine when using the machine. To remove the nails stuck just behind the tip, there should be a mechanism to open up the device to remove these stuck nails. It may be a lever, as seen in most Brad nailers these days. However, if there is no such mechanism and the only way you can open up the nailer is through a wrench or some other tool,  nailer will be more of a nuisance than any assistance.

Nail depth adjustment

When choosing the brand nailer, you should keep in mind how thick are the wood pieces you are working with. Most nailers have a dial near the tip to select how deep you want to insert your nails. According to your material and your construction design, choose the device that has a suitable depth adjustment for the nails.

Good grip of the handle

When working with a brad nailer, you must be very careful. Having a firm grip on such tools is necessary to prevent any kind of mishap or injury. For this purpose, when buying a brad nailer, you should try to look for the ones with a strong grip material like rubber-mounted onto the handle as well as the trigger.

This will not only give you a safer hold but will also make it comfortable for you to work for more extended periods.

Controlling different nailing modes

When using a brad nailer, you can switch between different modes according to your desire. The bump mode inserts a nail every time it comes in contact with the wood. This is a faster method for inserting nails however it may be a little dangerous. On the other hand, the sequential mode assures a slower yet safer procedure. Therefore when buying a nailer, you should inspect both of these methods and ensure easy conversion between them.

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