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How to choose the right alternative jewelry store

While there is a large number of people who wear conventional jewellery, increasingly many people, especially young people prefer to wear alternative or body piercing jewellery. Some people wear alternative jewellery for religious reasons, while others want to wear the jewellery as a style statement to enhance their appearance and look different compared to others. While there are many jewellery stores selling conventional jewellery, it is comparatively difficult to find alternative jewellery stores, especially offline due to the limited demand for their products. Hence many people who wish to purchase alternative jewellery consider ordering the jewellery online. Since it is not possible to personally check the jewellery before making payment while ordering online, some of the criteria for ensuring that the right jewellery item is ordered are discussed below.

Range of jewelry

Most individuals who are wearing alternate jewelry will be purchasing different jewelry items. So while ordering the jewelry it is advisable to purchase the jewelry from the same shop, since there is a guarantee of the quality and the size of the jewelry. Hence it is better to choose a store that stocks a wide range of alternative jewelry. Some of the popular alternative jewelry items are earrings, septum jewelry, ring stacks and lobes, cuffs, saddle hangers, plugs and tunnels, body jewelry, cartilages. Ordering multiple items at once will also save on shipping charges.

Designs and sizes

Other criteria for choosing the jewelry store are the designs that are available. Most jewelry buyers are looking for unusual and attractive designs which are also affordable. The jewelry available should also match the piercing of the person wearing the jewelry. Those who have pierced their ears for the first time, have smaller holes and can only wear lighter jewelry, weighing less than 10 grams. Others who have been wearing heavy jewelry weighing more than 25 grams for a longer time, have larger holes in their ear and are often looking for hoops, studs, and barbells to match. Similarly, the plugs and tunnels should also fit properly.


Like fashion and conventional jewelry, alternative jewelry is also available in a wide range of materials that differ in their durability, appearance, maintenance required, and cost. Some of these materials like acrylic, wood, stone, silicone, glass, eco brass, titanium, and stainless steel are comparatively inexpensive. However, some of the materials like wood, acrylic, and silicone may not be very durable. Sterling silver is a popular material, but it will get oxidized over a period of time. Gold jewelry is more expensive, but it can also be considered an investment whose value will increase over time. Most of the gold jewelry available is in 18K and 14K gold, which is an alloy of gold with nickel and other materials. The gold jewelry is usually available in three different colors: yellow, white, and rose gold.


The jewelry is plated or coated to change the color or make it more durable. The thickness of the coating can vary from at least 0.3 microns to about 20 microns. Electroplating is used for depositing a metallic coating on any item, for gold plating, the coating should be at least 0.5 microns thick. Before purchasing a jewelry item, it is advisable to check the coating.

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