Wicking for Candle Making

How to Choose the Right Wicking for Candle Making?

Wicks an essential material when making candles. You have multiple kinds of wicks to choose from, meaning a beginner can easily get confused trying to buy the right ones.

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Types of wicks

  • HTP wicks – They are cotton wicks blended with weaved paper fibre to boost the strength of the wick. They burn slowly and curl at the end, so are the best wick for natural wax. The natural bending of the wick helps the candle to burn for a longer time. There is less carbon formation and smoke is less visible. They are best for pillar, container, votives and gel wax candles. They are primed with high melt point wax to enhance the burning of the candle for much longer.
  • ECO series wicks – Their rigidity helps prevent the curling of the wick while burning. Thus, the flame remains even and illuminates properly. There is less smoke and afterglow effects. They are primed with vegetable wax, unlike other wicks that are primed with paraffin wax.
  • CDN wicks – It is a flat braid style and is suitable to support many kinds of wax. It is long lasting and remains zinc-free. Seasonal candle makers use them, as they promote slow burning and the flame doesn’t flicker much like in HTP wicks. They are mainly suitable for candles that have harder to melt viscose wax. They are primed with high melt point wax to enhance the brightness of the flame.
  • Wooden wicks – It is preferred by people who like the crackling flame and creates a campfire flame illusion. There are hard- and softwood wicks. The latter ones are more popular as they provide the feeling of fire cracking in camps or the fireplace. They are mostly used in soy wax and enhance the aroma of fragrance oil.
  • Zinc core wicks – They are popularly used to make many kinds of candles. You can make pillars, gel and other kinds of candles using these wicks. This kind of wick stands erect, so is ideal for making good quality candles. They are available in varied sizes and are primed with a standard wax to burn for a longer time.
  • Paper core wicks – They burn fast and so must be placed in big containers. To reduce the impact of burning, they are trimmed with standard wax.
  • LX wicks – They are cotton wicks trimmed with wax that has a high melt point. This is so the wick doesn’t accumulate carbon at the tips that reduce the flame intensity. They are suitable to use in any wax and are self-trimming. They produce less smoke, so are best for designer candles.

You can select the wicks as per your need to make different kinds of candles.

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