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How to Clean a Betta Fish Tank – Basic Procedure to Clean Safely

The aquarium cleaning procedure itself may certainly not be something that someone will teach you. Even if the method is slightly different for each person, there is no problem as long as it is finally clean.

However, a few points to keep in mind when cleaning an aquarium. But, cleaning the aquarium in the wrong way can be hazardous. It can also damage or distort the aquarium.

If you feel the complexity, the fun of the aquarium will be reduced. On the other hand, cleaning the aquarium can be shortened if you learn the procedure and tips. That’s why the article will introduce the cleaning method and tips of the male betta fish tank according to the procedure.

Let’s prepare cleaning tools:

Before you start cleaning the aquarium, prepare the cleaning tools. There are various types of cleaning goods on the market for cleaning aquariums, but some can be used as substitutes even if they are not dedicated, so buy them as needed.

Cleaning with detergent:

You may be thinking of cleaning the aquarium with detergent as you normally would. But, never use detergent to clean the aquarium.

This is because any residual detergent ingredients can harm the organisms in the aquarium. So instead, we recommend rubbing dirt such as moss with a sponge or brush.

To be on the safe side, do not wipe the surface of the aquarium with a glass-polishing detergent as well as the inside of the aquarium.

Cleaning procedure/points:

When cleaning, keep what you need within easy reach so that you can work smoothly.

It is recommended to lay a blue sheet or a large leisure sheet that is no longer used so that the floor does not get wet with water.

Moss removal:

Be sure to do it before draining the water. By doing this with water in it, you can prevent the sponge from scratching the surface of the aquarium.

Drain the water:

Next is the work of draining water. The point to note here is “do not drain all the water”. Some people have the image of changing all the water in the aquarium at once, but one water change does not change more than half of the water.

This is to prevent the betta fish living in the aquarium from being burdened by sudden changes in water quality. It is recommended to change about one-third of the water once.

How often do you clean the aquarium?

It is ideal for changing the water once a week and cleaning moss and gravel once every two weeks. As explained earlier, regarding the exchange of water, let’s exchange about 30% of the amount.

Also, many people want to clean moss and gravel all at once, but we do not recommend doing it all at once as it can cause the water quality to change significantly. Instead, after cleaning the mess, clean the gravel two weeks later and then clean the filter tank in a rotation format.

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