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How to create casino game?

Nowadays, Internet technologies are very well developed and the gambling industry keeps up with the times. In the 21st century, you can build your own casino game, for this you do not need to be a programmer or understand the intricacies of site management, since your casino will have a personal admin panel by going into which you can easily withdraw money or see the balance of a casino player or adjust the percentage of winnings in the casino and all this by pressing two buttons on the mouse.


I want to tell you about the functionality of an online casino, or rather, what kind of online casino site you need. After all, your profit largely depends on which casino you have.

  1. Popular games – must be found in your online casino, such as: books, strawberries, monkeys, Columbus and others. After all, a large mass of players play precisely in popular and well-known games and, having entered your casino and not finding their favorite game there, a person will simply leave such a casino and will not replenish its balance and play on it. Therefore, you need to take care of the availability of popular games.
  2. Convenience – what must be taken into account when creating an online casino is the convenience for playing both from a computer and from a phone. It is imperative that the online casino has a mobile version of the site and players can play and replenish their balance from their mobile phones. This is especially true in our time. Slot game in casinos, when 50% or even more visitors visit sites from mobile devices, and not from stationary computers.
  3. Payment systems – it is necessary to connect popular payment systems to the casino, such as: Yandex money, webmoney, qiwi, payment by credit card and payment using a mobile phone mts, beeline, megaphone. 
  4. Design – the site should have a beautiful design and appearance, since a visitor, having entered your casino in the first 5 seconds, decides to register for him and replenish the account balance, or simply leave the site and look for another institution.


And so, after you have created a casino, you need to learn how to work with it. I want to say right away that you don’t need to be a programmer for this, each online casino has its own admin panel, in which you can easily navigate. What will happen in the admin panel: can see the logins of all casino players, then you can adjust the percentage of winnings in the casino, you can also withdraw money from the casino to your card or e-wallet in the admin panel, then you can see how much players have replenished the casino in a day or a month, as well as how much they have withdrawn from the casino. 


Many companies offer to buy a license in order to work legally with online casinos. I want to tell you right away that licenses that are sold on the Internet for $ 100-200 is a complete scam, you will not get any license for this money, but only lose money for getting air. I also want to say that they sell licenses for casinos for 30-40 thousand dollars, but I also don’t see any reason to buy them, and now I’ll tell you why. For example, you live in Russia, internet casinos are prohibited in the Russian Federation, and if you buy a casino license for 30-40 thousand in some country, for example, in England, this will not save you from breaking the law, you will still work illegally. 


After casino game developers help you become the owner of your own online casino site, you need to take care of the fact that the site has visitors and people play. In this section, I will tell you what ways to do casino promotion in order to have a large attendance, and with a large attendance, there will naturally be high profits. And so we went:

  1. The first thing to do is create groups on social networks.
  2. YouTube is a bottomless well of free traffic (visitors).
  3. Newsletter is another good way to promote online casinos, which is what we need for this. Promotion of a casino first thing you need to do is to register an email, then go to the search engine and write a request “Forum” after that we are given a huge number of forums.

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