How to design your anime clothes?

There is something unusual about anime characters and the style of attire they wear than what is considered typical in fashion.

This blog will learn the basics of sketching some of the most famous anime and manga clothing designs. The examples given are of female apparel. Howevercoatsuggestions may be used to create male attire as well.

Rough Sketch

A beginner artist should begin by sketching the contour and position of their subject’s body before drawing the garments (assuming the clothes are worn).


To create an anime-style jacket, begin by sketching the jacket’s general silhouette and defining details like the zipper and collar.

Because leather is so hard, even a snug jacket may help hide a person’s figure. “Pointy” sleeve portions will protrude from the jacket, while the torso region will be compressed. As a result, create a drawing.

Since the arm is bent, the biggest fold will be at the shoulder and on the inside of the elbows (because the arm is slightly raised). Since the body is somewhat twisted to one side, there will be some mild fold in the area of upper belly area.

After drawing the primary elements, add the more refined folds and details like the zipper and pockets.


The curve of your legs will be accentuated by wearing tight jeans. It’s only necessary to sketch out the upper part of a pair of trousers if you’ve already sketched out your own physique. The lone exception to this rule is the rolled-up bottom of the jeans. Create a slight gap between the rolled-up sections and the leg shapes.

At the knees and between the legs, the fold in tight jeans is the most common. In some areas, draw some.


Once again, the best place to begin painting an anime shirt is by sketching out the general outline and defining the garment’s most distinguishing elements. For this reason, a shirt’s form will be more clearly seen than that of a jacket’s, which is constructed of thicker and stiffer cloth.

You simply need to do a few folds if a shirt is pretty tight and short-sleeved like the illustration. Under and above the ribcage, create some creases. As a result of the body’s slight slouch, the shirt is somewhat stretched in one way across the stomach area in this illustration. For the same purpose, you may also draw some creases in the upper abdomen.


Start by creating the general contour of the anime school uniform skirt. For the folds’ dimensions, draw a series of vertical lines. Because the folds will be more like teeth that look one way but gradually bend around, it’s vital to observe.


Start by sketching the general form of a sweater in the anime style.

It is common for sweaters and sweatshirts to get a lot of folds and curves due to their soft but dense material.

Create a rough sketch of your sweater or sweatshirt’s main curves and folds before adding any fabric. Baggy clothing tends to sag and accumulates near the bottom of a person’s body. Remember this when drawing.


In the case of trousers that are relatively loose and hang down, there will be few folds. This sample only has significant folds in the knee on the front leg because the pants dangle off of it just enough to create strain.

Wrapping Up

The process of sketching any type of clothes might be difficult; nevertheless, you can acquire ideas by looking at real anime clothes for inspiration.

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