How to Differentiate Between Good and Bad Marijuana

How to Differentiate Between Good and Bad Marijuana

Don’t know how to spot bad marijuana? Let’s fix that.

Whether it comes from an inexperienced grower or it’s just a bad batch, terrible weed is no fun to smoke. And while super high-quality cannabis can be hard to come by, you should at least be searching for medium-quality cannabis. Don’t settle for some dried-out bud.

Keep reading to learn how to tell the difference between good weed and bad weed.

The Reviews

Before you even go to the dispensary, read any reviews they have on their website. For example, Cannibros cannabis reviews tell you about each product, give you user ratings, and show you pictures of each strain.

This information will help you deduce which weed fits your needs and is high quality.

The Look

Good quality cannabis, also called “Top-shelf” or “Dank” should be colorful, sticky, and dense. The sign of a good bud is a deep green color with lots of orange or purple hairs.

You should also look at the trichomes, which are sticky crystals on leaves and buds that give cannabis its scent. Good weed should have frosty, glittering trichomes.

Bad cannabis, often called “Bottom-shelf” or “Reggie,” will look dry, seedy, discolored, and slightly brown. The trichomes may also appear amber, which means that THC has become CBN. And don’t forget to check for mold, which makes the bud a grey-white color.

The Feel

Good marijuana should feel spongy and sticky to the touch without being wet. The stems should also have a crisp snap to them and be easy to break apart.

Bad marijuana is dry, brittle, and wispy. This causes it to crumble when you try and handle it. But you also don’t want a soggy bud that tears instead of breaks, which will likely develop mold soon after you buy it.

The Smell

That top-shelf bud should be rich with different pungent aromas and have a good skunky smell. This comes from the abundance of terpenes, which form inside the trichomes to give it a particular scent and flavor.

Bottom-shelf weed doesn’t have those pungent aromas due to a lack of terpenes. And if you have a really bad batch, it may even smell like mildew, must, or straw.

The Taste

High-quality weed will taste smooth, fresh, and be full of flavor. The effects may differ, but it will likely give you an intense high that lasts for several hours.

Low-quality weed will be harsh on the throat and taste bitter or earthy. And while the high may vary, this bud probably won’t be strong or give you long-lasting effects.

Now You Know How To Spot Good Weed

When you’re finally able to identify good weed, you’ll never go back to buying bad marijuana products. Just use your best judgment, but when in doubt, ask a seasoned marijuana user for confirmation. Now go buy some amazing weed, grab some friends, and light up.

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