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How to Evaluate the Best Players in the 2018 NFL Draft

The 2018 NFL Draft is a time to select the best players from a crowded class. There is a lot of talent in this class, but only a handful of players truly stand out. While the top-tier talent may be the best player available, many players in the draft will be just as valuable. It’s important to evaluate these players based on the unique qualities that they possess. Here are some of the most important traits that make a top-tier player desirable:

The NFL Draft is held each year, and is one of the primary methods of recruiting new players. Each team has representatives at the draft, and one is “on the clock” during the event. The first-round selection goes to expansion teams, who are determined by a coin toss. The second-round pick goes to teams that didn’t make the playoffs. The fifth to seventh-round selections go to teams that have finished higher than the expansion team.

Aside from these players, the Bengals also took a running back with the 31st overall pick. Many believe that they would have selected a wide receiver in the top two rounds, but it’s unlikely to happen. The team could have gone with another position on the offensive line, so they selected an offensive tackle. The Jets, however, chose to double-up on defensive players with the second-round pick. The team’s choice of Kayvon Thibodeaux is not the favorite, but it makes sense for Detroit.

In 2008, the first overall pick went to the team with the worst record in the previous season. The order of the draft continues through the first round, and then teams that finished with the same record in the status group as the Ravens, Houston, and Philadelphia were selected in the second round. And so on. And this pattern goes on through the seven rounds. You can watch the entire process live on ESPN or in the NFL Network. You can also catch the latest NFL news and draft picks on Twitter.

Once the draft starts, the coaches evaluate a group of 20 to 25 players at each position. After taking into account the combine and pro-day results, they’ll create a final stacking. The team’s scouting director, head coach, and cross-check scout are the ones who stack up the players. The players that make it onto the final stack are all capable of helping the club. However, a final stacking may not contain the best twenty players at a given position.

The Class of 1983 had the most talented quarterbacks in the modern era, with Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, and John Elway. A number of Hall of Fame talents were also selected in the first round, including running back Eric Dickerson, offensive lineman Bruce Matthews, and defensive tackle Darrell Green. Although the Bucs bailed on the class in pursuit of Reese, there was an impressive crop of Hall of Fame talent in the class.

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