How to Farm Lost Ark Gold in Oreha Abyss Dungeon?

Lost Ark is a fantasy role-playing multiplayer game that has become very popular in recent years. To develop a hero in this game, you need Lost Ark Gold. It is necessary to buy various items at auctions and the premium currency. If you have any difficulty mining Lost Ark gold, please use our guide.

How to earn coins in Lost Ark by completing quests

Once you reach level 50, you will unlock daily and weekly missions. These include the Lost Ark Gold and Red Room, the Halls of Chaos, and the quests in MapleStory. Note that you must have Order energy to earn gold in the Chaos Temple.

Also, it is worthwhile to complete the missions of the Efon Alliance. You will earn points to buy tokens—swap gold with similar symbols.

You can view the complete list of temporary tasks by clicking the clock icon in the upper left corner of the screen. To not miss the desired quest, turn on notifications, as new quests and raids will open as your character level-up progresses.

How to get gold in the dungeons of the Oreha Abyss Dungeon

The method of earning gold Abyss Dungeon directly on your Gear Level (GS).


At this stage, you can buy access to the dungeons of Oreha Abyss in the company of other players. Everyone pays nothing – just one hero to enter. These investments are returned multiple times, as the rewards consistently exceed the cost of entering the dungeon. Note that it is best to choose a dungeon with guardians. In them, players won’t be able to take your money without fulfilling the promise.


At this level, you will be able to pass through the dungeons of the Abyss of Aurea. As a reward, you will receive crystals that turn into gold. It’s better to have engravings on the third level and one or two carvings on the second level. Also, you can buy the passage to Dark Akria.


In addition to the last opportunity, a chance to fight Argos was also given at this stage. It is recommended to visit every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You will be able to pass the first stage of the battle and get rewards. Also, you can buy a pass to the third headlight to fight this boss.


This level will unlock the battle with the Belgians. Please don’t ignore their struggle with him.


You will no longer earn gold from Oreya dungeons when your gear reaches 1415 GS. You can lead people to the abyss dungeon yourself and earn extra gold from it. You can also fight the second phase of the battle with Argos.

1415 GS and above

With a high draw, try to complete the third battle phase with Argos. You can also try to defeat Daescalud and Voldan. If it doesn’t work out, buy penetrating power to fight them, remember the battle strategy, and level up your character simultaneously. Then you can try to beat them yourself.

How to earn gold by increasing the reputation of your character and faction

When you level up your hero, you get gold for reaching a certain level of your character’s reputation. To see a list of rewards, press Alt+N, then select the magnifying glass icon next to the surface you’re interested in. Additionally, you can earn coins by improving your reputation in the Efon League. It will grow in the process of completing the mission of the faction.

Note that you can only get one reputation reward per match.

How to earn Gold with Atlas Seeker

You’ll earn Gold as you explore the game map, complete hidden missions, and extract precious artifacts. You will have to spend a lot of time studying these locations. However, the rewards will be huge. For example, exploring North Bern will give you 1000 gold.

How to earn Gold with cubes

From a gold mining standpoint, tasks in the cube are the most efficient. Their rewards depend on the monsters you encounter along the way. If you get the golden leprechaun rank, you will be rewarded handsomely. Each day, you can complete up to three tasks in a cube. Also, you can get royal decrees about additional raids.

How to earn Gold at sea

You’ll find chests, shipwrecks, and treasures as you swim under the sea. They contain collectible cards and blueprints. You can sell them if you want. Note that purple blueprints can be found in chests, while the more valuable gold blueprints can only be found in shipwrecks and treasure.

How to earn gold by crafting and farming items

Access to the artifact opens at level 20. You can fish, mine minerals, grow grass, and more. Your creations can be sold at auctions, available at level 30.

This is similar to items dropped from bosses and regular opponents or lying around in the game’s open world. If you don’t need these resources, you can also sell them.

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