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How to Find an Immigration Lawyer in Auburn

“An Immigration Lawyer is a lawyer who represents people who have come to the United States as either legal or illegal aliens.” So says Merriam Webster’s Dictionary. However, there is more to this definition than meets the eye. In fact, it is not uncommon for an immigration lawyer to be referred to as an Immigration Attorney or Immigration Counselor. In order to distinguish the two professions it is important to examine their function in the larger context of the Immigration Law Process.

Immigration Lawyer Auburn, AL is an example of an Immigration Lawyer. Immigration Lawyer Auburn, AL is a specialty area of the Immigration Lawyer discipline. As the name indicates, this field is primarily concerned with Immigration Law and the Immigration Process. An Immigration Lawyer can specialize as an Immigration Attorney or Immigration Counselor depending on his preferences. For instance, an attorney specializing in Immigration Law may choose to be an Immigration Attorney so that he could practice law in Immigration related matters exclusively. This would allow him to focus exclusively on Immigration Law issues and therefore, provide only Immigration Law advice and assistance to his clients and others who may need such advice and assistance.

Immigration Lawyer Auburn, AL is also known as an Immigration Attorney as they are fully aware of the requirements and guidelines required by the United States Immigration and Customs Services (USIS) as regards to the processing of visas, green cards, and other immigration related matters. An Immigration Lawyer is also well versed in the areas of Immigration Law consultation and representation as well as in the area of Immigration Law drafting and legislation review. As an Immigration Lawyer, one can represent clients who may have immigration-related matters before the USCIS, Department of Homeland Security, or any other US Immigration agency. These may include but are not limited to, family cases, employment related issues, employment verification, humanitarian and other immigration related matters. As an Immigration Lawyer one can also represent private clients who have private immigration concerns and may seek the services of an Immigration Lawyer.

As per the United States Immigration and Customs Services (USCIS), there are approximately 1.25 million people from across the world who are legally permitted to live and work in the country. The majority of these people are from Mexico, India, China, and other Asian nations. However, there are some individuals from all around the world who are eligible to come live and work in the country. An Immigration Lawyer who is well versed in the Immigration Law can help his/her client arrive in the country on proper and legal terms and can also help the client obtain the necessary visa and approval from the immigration authorities for the visit.

An Immigration Lawyer can be found in different cities and counties of Alabama. However, the most preferred Immigration Lawyer in Alabama is Mr. Zainer. Mr. Zainer is an Immigration Lawyer who practices in Birmingham, Alabama. His office is located at 10th Street Immigration Law Firm, Suite #6. Apart from providing Immigration Lawyers for clients in Alabama, he also provides other services such as dealing with Immigration Visa applications, dealing with immigration lawyers in the case of hearing related issues, assisting clients with visa paperwork, advising on how to remain eligible under the law, and much more.

Mr. Zainer is one of the most sought after Immigration Lawyers in Alabama because of his experience dealing with visa related issues. He is specialized in visa cases. The main specialty of his practice is Immigration Law and Immigration Visa. His expertise is focused mainly on visa cases.

An Immigration Lawyer in Auburn is available who has a high standard of dealing with cases regarding United States Citizens and National Immigration Law. This will mean that their clients are entitled to receive fair and just treatment irrespective of their race, nationality or place of origin. The main aim of an Immigration Lawyer in Auburn is to provide a just and equitable environment for his/ her clients so that they may enjoy freedom, liberty, and security in this nation. An Immigration Lawyer in Auburn is available to deal with cases like:

Mr. Zainer is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He is a very accomplished lawyer having a master’s degree in international relations from the University of Michigan-Dearborn School of Law. This is a specialization in Immigration Law. If you require any further information regarding an Immigration Lawyer in Auburn, you can contact him online through email or telephone.

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