How to find burial insurance for your parents

People get older – it is a fact of life. Unfortunately, when we find that our parents get older, it is time to look into various insurance alternatives for our lives. We will have to help them figure out what to do with their estate, help with any medical problems, and also find out information regarding burial insurance for your parents.

Even though this can be a morbid topic for you to have to think about, it can be especially necessary if your parents are in their later years or they are ill. Burial insurance is usually a type of life insurance policy that will provide a type of death benefit to the receiver – the death benefit can range in size and amount depending on the person, with the average amount typically between $5,000 and $30,000 based on the specific policy. While burial insurance is an important financial matter, it is also significant for family members to maintain respect for the dead by practicing zoom funeral etiquette on virtual wakes.

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What is burial insurance for your parents?

Simply put, burial insurance is a life insurance policy that provides money to the receiver for the parent who passed away. Usually, children will buy this type of insurance policy for a parent – another option is that older parents will purchase this plan to finance funeral arrangements, burial fees, and take care of any extra costs that otherwise would be placed upon family members or friends. Usually, getting burial insurance for parents is easier than you might think – you can typically get this type of insurance policy after you or the parent answers medical questions to determine eligibility and the proper amount of the policy.

How much do you have to pay for the burial insurance for your parents? Finding out how much you have to speed is key to being able to budget your finances and determine the price of the premium per month – usually, the premium is a very small amount per week that you will have to pay. Typically, you will find the premium per week is as low as $3!

How can you find the best burial insurance for parents?

  • Make sure the first thing that you take into account when it comes to burial insurance is choosing who you want to involve – you can have the burial insurance cover just one person in the family, or every single member of a family that you are looking to protect.
  • The next thing to take into account when it comes to burial insurance for your parents is figuring out where to buy the insurance – you can usually find the best place to buy the package by asking questions at your local funeral homes, insurance companies, or brokers.
  • Lastly, the final aspect to take into consideration when finding the best burial insurance for your parents is how to make any pre-payments for a funeral or burial costs. If you are paying for your funeral beforehand, then you can typically choose all of the details so you can pay for them before the funeral occurs.


Are you considering purchasing burial insurance for your parents? If so, then finding out the best place and the best way to find insurance is key to saving time and money! Make sure you ask local funeral homes and brokers for the best policy for you.

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