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How to Flirt in Italian: Tourists’ Guide

Have you ever found yourself in a restaurant or bar with the desire to flirt with someone but have no idea what to say? Do you know how to say, “I like your shirt” in Italian? Have you ever been to a party and wanted to talk but had no idea what the person was saying around you? Look no further because this blog post is for those who are not fluent in the language and would love to get from basics to fluency in Italian. It is a guide on flirting in Italian that will help even beginners get their flirt on!

How to Learn Flirting in Italian

Italian is considered by many to be the “language of love,” and for a good reason. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lyric languages ​​on the planet. The verb flirtare is by far the most commonly used verb; as early as the 15th century, a poet under the pseudonym Poliziano wrote a piece of literature that introduced the term fare la civettare (to flirt). The term was used to describe women as “owl-like,” blinking their eyes and luring their prey as they flirted with attracting the opposite sex.

The only natural way to get better at flirting is by actually flirting. Still, to practice the Italian essential for flirting, you will need an Italian tutor, resources, and techniques that will prove to be very helpful.

Watch Italian Films and TV Series

One of the best ways to learn about the nuances of Italian flirting is to see them in action. You should have no problem finding Italian movies and TV shows that match the romantic genre with many different streaming and entertainment subscription options!

Listen to Italian Music

Italian love songs are bursting at the seams from romantic vocabulary, gentle words, and flirtatious phrases. You can pick up a few phrases from there that will come in handy in your practice if you listen carefully.

Use Flirty Phrases

Use expressions and terms of affection that you have learned in your regular conversations. Commenting on how cute or beautiful something or someone is is a great way to master the vocabulary.

Italian Words That Express Tenderness

Italian terms of affection can turn common phrases into poetic expressions. They are almost guaranteed to make the person you are reaching out to feel super special! Add an affectionate term to the end of the sentence and make your person feel special. A few basic words to try flirting in Italian:

  • Il mio tesoro. “My treasure”
  • Sei il mio tesoro. “You are my treasure.”
  • “Star.”
  • Rendi pallida a confronto la luna, stella mia. “Compared to you, the moon turns pale, my star.”
  • Cuore mio. “My heart.
  • Cuore mio, ti adoro. “My heart, I adore you.”
  • “Beauty.”
  • Dove ti piacerebbe andare stasera, bellissima? “Where would you like to go tonight, beauty?”

First Meetings Flirty Phrases

  • Dove sei stato tutta la mia vita? “Where have you been my whole life?”
  • Sei bellissimo / bellissima. “You’re beautiful.”
  • Sei così bella da rendere gelose le stelle. “You are so beautiful that the stars envy you.”
  • Vieni qui spesso? “Do you often come here?”
  • Ti sei fatta male cadendo dal Paradiso? “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
  • Manca un angelo in Paradiso? “Is heaven deprived of an Angel?”

Deeper Level Flirt Phrases

  • Qual è il tuo numero di telefono? “Can I have your phone number?”
  • Posso offrirti da bere? “Can I buy you a drink?”
  • Il tuo italiano è eccellente. “Your Italian is excellent.”
  • Hai dei bellissimi occhi. “You have beautiful eyes.”
  • Balli da sogno. Posso sognare con te? “You dance like in a dream. Can I dream with you?”
  • Hai il ragazzo / la ragazza? “Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?”

Wrap Up

The benefits of learning Italian are endless. Italian is a beautiful language, and the more you learn it, the easier it becomes for you to flirt like an Italian! We recommend checking out this article on how to start learning today if that sounds appealing to you. Using our tips, you can get a head start on learning this beautiful language while also practicing with someone you can!

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