How To Get An Extra €10 Using An Online Money Transfer?

Everyone enjoys getting additional money on each money transfer, and there are just a few companies that will offer you some extra bonuses.

Online money transfers allow people to send money to another person by simply an online platform such as the service provider’s website or mobile app. It’s also known as Internet Money Transfer since you can do it from any computer with an internet connection. 

You’ll need a reputable and trustworthy money transfer firm to make online transfers. Let’s learn about the best online money transfer company that provides not only safe money transfer methods but gives you an extra €10 bonus on each transaction. 

ACE Money Transfer – International Remittance Service

ACE Money Transfer provides remittance services to 26 countries across Europe, Australia, Canada, and the UK. They are a well-known and established firm that values its clients’ confidence and has been operating professionally since 2002. 

The Financial Conduct Authority has designated them as an Authorized Payment Institution. Their online money transfer is a one-stop solution for sending money straight to your loved ones, regardless of where they are in the world.

ACE keeps its customers delighted with peaceful minds with safe and smooth transactions as well as various bonuses and rewards. The company has designed many incentive frameworks for its existing as well as new customers to serve them with the best remittance service on the planet.

How to Get an Extra €10 using ACE’s Online Money Transfer

ACE connects individuals worldwide with the proper financial solutions and access. ACE’s online money transfer services make international transactions more accessible, no matter which method you pick for your loved ones. You can count on its services to send or receive money in a safe and timely manner.

Customers who use ACE Money Transfer for the first time and use Trustly to make an online bank transfer will receive a bonus of €10. The deal is only available for residents of Germany.

It doesn’t end up here! There’s something more to fascinate you. When you sign up for the first time with ACE, you get the welcome reward of a Fee-Free first transaction. Yes! The company doesn’t charge any fee to its new customers on joining the ACE family that shows the gestures of kindness, care, and value towards them.

ACE Money Transfer is proud to provide its prominent clientele in Pakistan with first-class payout services. Customers can collect payment at any central commercial bank in Pakistan or receive it immediately into any bank account via bank deposits. 

Beneficiaries can get cash from any of the associated Pakistani banks. It’s worth noting that all commercial banks accept bank deposits.

How to send money online with ACE Money Transfer

The procedure of sending money becomes more pleasant and convenient than it has ever been once you have access to online money transfers at ACE.

Place the transaction after clicking on the country page. You must first log in to your account and complete the following steps:

  • Select a country as your destination.
  • Select a payout option, such as Bank or Cash, from the Payout calculator.
  • Decide on a Payout Partner.
  • Enter the desired quantity.
  • Fill in the Beneficiary Information.
  • Choose a payment method (debit card, credit card, or online bank transfer).
  • Confirm the information and indicate the reason for the money to be sent.
  • Click the “Pay Now” button.

No matter what is your sending and receiving location, secure, smooth, and flawless transactions will always be your top priorities. If you want to get all of these features at a one-stop source that ensures the desired peace of mind for you, ACE Money Transfer should be your choice. 

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