How to Get Back Together After a Breakup

Getting back together after a breakup can be what you need. You are so still crazy about them that you can eat up your exes every little thought. Time does heal all wounds and while some time away can be what you need to get your former partner back, time does heal all matters. So then, how long should you be apart?

Well, there is no set rule for answering this question. It depends on you and your partner. If your relationship was built on a firm foundation, breaking it can be hard to bring it back together again. However, sometimes a little time apart can do wonders. Sometimes the distance is just enough to help you get over the pain of the breakup. You see if your relationship was built on a strong foundation, breaking it can be hard to get it back together. Here are some suggestions about get back together after a breakup.

Dealing With Anger

If you are having issues dealing with anger, then taking some time away is very wise. It helps you get your emotions under control and it might prevent you from acting out in anger. Taking some time away will also help you get back together. By not acting out all your frustrations and fears, you are letting them cool down and you will hopefully be able to get back together with your ex with less angst.

There is no set rule about the amount of time needed to be apart. Some people need days; some people only need a week or two. It depends upon you and your partner. The key thing is to do something to help you get along without being in each other’s lives. This helps you both get some much-needed breathing room.

Plan Some Fun Activities

While you are away, plan some fun activities that you can do together. Plan a getaway to a beach, to the mountains, to a zoo. Plan things out so that you can do something every day of the week. Go biking, jogging, hiking, or fishing. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing together, do it regularly.

When you do get back together, make sure you don’t end up doing the same things that caused you to fight in the beginning. Don’t start dating again, don’t call your ex-girlfriend repeatedly, and don’t try to get her back via email, text, phone calls, etc. You need to be more mature in how you approach your relationship.

Read Romance Novels

Another good way to take your time is to read books. If you read romance novels, you can speed up the process of getting your relationship back by learning how to communicate with each other better. That includes making eye contact, having humor, and loving talking with your partner. It also includes understanding what he/she likes/dislikes and enjoying spending time together doing those things. If you take this time to read romance novels, you may even come up with ideas for future dates that you would not have thought of otherwise.

You should give each other space. If you are both used to being apart, then you will have the added pressure of wondering what would happen if you got back together. However, if you are finding yourself thinking back to past relationships, then you are probably motivated to find a way to be together again. Give yourselves some space for now, and when you do decide to get back together, you will know what to do.

 More Focused And Ready

The third way to speed the healing process up is to take some time off. Yes, you need to be away from each other to work on your problems. This gives both of you some alone time without the other one always demanding your attention. If you find yourselves arguing constantly, or even bickering at the drop of a hat, then it is time for you to separate for a while. You will both come back together more focused and ready to work on your problems when you are back together.

Finally, spend some quality time with each other. The quality of this time depends on how much you have been dating each other lately. If you have spent a lot of time apart, then make some quality time together before you go back to your previous level of intimacy. The less time you have been apart, the more likely your relationship will heal faster.

You may have heard that the fastest way to a marriage or relationship is to break it up. Well, that is not necessarily true. You do not want to throw away years of togetherness just because you want to get back together. You should try to think of the problem in terms of what would make things easier. For many, the problem was not a lack of intimacy, but a lack of communication.

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