How to Give a Long-lasting Impression to Your Hotel Guests

A weekend trip to London, a business conference in Berlin or a family holiday in Austria – spectacular destinations! But what most travelers are actually looking forward to is the hotel experience. It’s not just about the accommodation itself, it’s the luxury and service that make a hotel stay such a memorable event. And while guests are seeking the perfect hotel experience, hotels should help them find it.

Whether guests have booked your hotel for a relaxing holiday or for a business trip, every guest should feel welcome and comfortable. Making their stay unforgettable will encourage visitors not only to leave a positive review for your hotel but also increase the chances that they will come again – and, of course, they will tell their friends about it. But what exactly makes a hotel stay better than average? Here is what you can do to spoil your guests and create a lasting impression.

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  1. Before the guests arrive

The perfect hotel experience is not just the actual stay at the hotel facilities but includes everything from pre- to post-stay. Whether or not the hotel description covers all the necessary information, whether phone calls and emails are answered in a timely manner, or whether the hotel will make an exception for late arrivals – all this is part of the hotel’s first impression on the guest. Offering a pick-up service to a family with kids can make all the difference and encourage them to choose your hotel over another. Show your guests that they matter.

  1. Empathy

Another very important aspect of good hospitality is empathy. Try to put yourself in the position of the guests and ask yourself what you would like or what you would expect from this hotel stay. The answer to these questions is actually fairly simple: we all want excellent service and maximal comfort. This doesn’t mean that your hotel needs an extra spa area or new furniture, you’ll be surprised how little these things actually matter. Encourage your staff to be calm and friendly with the guests and to take their needs seriously. It should be their aim of the day to put a smile on every guest’s face.

  1. Spoil your guests

Now, this is easily the most important thing to remember. Spoiling your guests will make them feel and see that you care about them. Impress them with little details, like small bites or little personalized notes in their rooms. Luxurious amenities like soaps and perfume samples are also a wonderful way of upgrading any hotel room. Maybe also invite them to little extras that are not included in their reservations. This could be a free parking lot during their stay, a fancy dinner, or a visit to the spa area – your guests will be thrilled! If you want to keep up to date with all the trends and new products for hoteliers, Hoga.Search is exactly the right platform for you.

  1. Sharing joy

For many of your guests, the stay at your hotel may be the only holiday of the year or it could be the honeymoon of a recently wedded couple. It could also be a group of friends celebrating their college graduation – just celebrate with them! Show your guests genuine enthusiasm and become part of their happiness. This means that blank stares from hotel staff should be reduced to a minimum and smiles, laughter and engaging conversations should be promoted instead when dealing with guests.

  1. Queries and complaints

This topic is somewhat delicate, and no hotel wants to receive complaints, but ignoring them or dealing with them the wrong way can leave a very bad impression – not only on the guest but on the entire hotel. Even if everything else was impeccable, just a minor argument over an extra set of towels can spoil the overall experience if not communicated well. It is, therefore, crucial to explain things in a calm and comprehensive manner and to always try to find a solution for the guest’s problem. It will show the guest that they can count on you no matter what.

  1. Post-stay care

Staying in touch with your guests after their stay will be beneficial for at least two reasons: you show them that you continue to care about them and remind them of their great experience at your hotel, and it is a brilliant way to obtain feedback on the services provided. From the safety of their homes, guests will now be more confident to speak their mind and give you a genuine opinion. This can help you improve your hotel and its services in the future. Also, to encourage visitors to come back, you could offer a discount or extra service upgrades on their return.


It seems, guest satisfaction is the most important key to excellent hospitality and to creating a long-lasting impression on your hotel guests. Making their stay an unforgettable experience should be of prime importance – and this does not require much. Keeping in mind the above suggestions will guarantee you a happy guest who can’t wait to come back on his or her next trip. And remember, you are part of the experience, too. If your guest is satisfied, their enthusiasm will spill over to you and brighten your day!

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