Wearing Prescription Glasses

How to Have Clear Vision Without Wearing Prescription Glasses

Regular prescription glasses are not the only option for you to see clearly. You do not need to have eyeglasses that cause indentations on the bridge of your nose to correct your vision because there are options such as orthokeratology. But what is ortho k, and how does it work?

What is orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology is the process of fitting gas-permeable lenses to the eye. It reshapes the cornea while you wear it overnight, correcting eye concerns such as myopia or short-sightedness. It is beneficial for children who have myopia since it is still in the early stage, so reshaping is more effective. Although it is not a total cure, it can slow the progression of the condition.

Who should get it?

Ortho-k is performed for short-sightedness and those who have myopia. However, it has also been prescribed to clients who have farsightedness and astigmatism. It is just a temporary reshaping of the cornea.

Is it a permanent treatment?

It is only a temporary solution for vision correction. Typically, if you wear it overnight, you can survive without glasses or contact lenses for a day or two. If you put it on every night, the effect may last longer. However, it is not a permanent solution or cure for your condition. However, if you are dealing with your child’s myopia, the condition’s progression will be slowed if you start early.

How does it work?

Once you go to an optometrist, the doctor will measure the shape of your cornea. There is no need to worry because the process will not be painful. The main purpose is to draw up a detailed map of your cornea so the optometrist can find the right size and shape of the gas-permeable lens that will be placed on your eye. You may find it unusual initially, but you will gradually get used to it when you keep wearing it when you go to sleep.

When will the results be seen?

The results will depend on your condition because nearsightedness varies, and the worse it is, the longer ortho-k will be able to correct it. Be aware that you could also experience blurred vision at first because it will take time for your eyes to adjust to the changing shape of your cornea. You may have to wear prescription glasses at first until you have used ortho-k lenses for a couple of nights.

Why go for ortho-k?

Many would opt for ortho-k because of the convenience of not having to wear prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses during the day. You will not even feel it because you will be wearing it while you are asleep. It may even be more comfortable for your eyes since contact lenses can cause irritation and dryness. If you are not comfortable with surgical procedures done to your eye, your optometrist could prescribe you to try ortho-k instead.

With today’s modern technology, you can have clear vision without having to wear prescription eyeglasses or lenses any longer. Through ortho k, your eye condition can be eased, and you will not be hindered by eyewear to see properly, so make sure to ask your doctor if they can recommend it to you.

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