The pandemic has completely shifted how we communicate with each other. The majority of the way in which we do meetings or hang-outs with friends is through video calls and virtual meetings. This means that how we present ourselves has also changed. It is not just about looking good for the camera anymore. It is also about looking presentable in virtual videos.

If you are someone who always manages to scare themselves whenever they see the way they Zoom meetings, then you are not alone. If you are slightly, or completely, clueless about how to make yourself look presentable in virtual videos then brush that chip off your shoulder. We at Styl Inc are here to tell you some tips and tricks to look your best for those virtual meetings. So keep on reading!


Looking presentable and making a good impression on anyone is extremely important. It becomes even more significant in a professional set-up when you have to impress your boss, colleagues and clients. This makes a big difference in whether or not you are taken seriously. So whether you are working on Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, or any other platform, it is necessary to look presentable in virtual videos or virtual dates. Below we list out some absolute musts for you to look like your best self online.

  • Make sure your hair, including beard, is trimmed and tidy

This is one of the most basic yet the most important trick. Hair is often the least taken care of element of our whole look. But it is the one that can make or break just how well put together you look. To look presentable in virtual videos, make sure that your frizzy hair is in control, well-styled and trimmed. If the frizz is out of control, then just tie it back and out of your face to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed. Men, keep your beards well oiled and properly trimmed to look clean and fresh. Just this will help you make the best impression on your clients.

  • A little makeup goes a long way

The appropriate amount of makeup is a tricky one to get right. Unless you have extremely good lighting, the camera will reveal all the bumps and shadows on your skin you did not know you had. To reduce their appearance, apply a very little amount of the makeup you normally use. Adding some colour to your face is a must. The purpose is to highlight your natural beauty, not distract your audience. Avoid too much makeup as it can often look cakey in virtual videos, especially if the lighting is bad.

  • Keep your clothing simple to look presentable in virtual videos

Okay, we can all agree that working from home is great for comfort. You can forget about those uncomfortable pants, stuffy suits and painful shoes. In virtual meetings, you only have to look presentable from the top. This means that your ugliest pyjamas are acceptable attire for the bottom. For the top, avoid an all-white look but do wear plain colours. In general, avoid prints but colours can work well sometimes. Distracting collars are a no-no but plain collared shirts might just be your best friend. Try to avoid ties and jackets because they are just unnecessary and might look weird with your pet or children strolling in the background. But of course, this last point is entirely dependent on the dress code of your company.

  • Have a neutral background

Similar to your clothes, simplicity is best to look presentable in virtual videos. Think about what your audience is looking at behind you in the background. What does it say about you and how does it influence their perception of you? Remember that you do not want to distract your audience. So a plant or two might look good, but in general, avoid bright colours and patterns.

  • Lighting is important to look presentable in virtual videos

Make sure that you have even lighting on your face to reduce the appearance of unnecessary shadows and bumps. At home, the best way to do this is to sit in front of a window to get as much natural light on your face as possible for that sun-kissed glow. Do not sit with the window behind you otherwise, you will just be a patch of black in every meeting. If you live in a house where natural light is hard to come by, then invest in a professional ring light that you can buy easily from the internet.

Styl Tip: Zoom filters are an easy way to instantly look more presentable in virtual videos.

  • Keep an appropriate distance from the screen

Frame yourself in a way that ensures that your eyes are in line with the camera. There should be some space above the top of your head. This reduces the feeling of congestion. Your neck and the top of your shoulders should be easily visible to have a feeling of space. For the best frame, you might have to prop your laptop on top of a few books or contradictorily, lower your chair. Remember that looking down into the screen is high unflattering and no one wants to see up your nose!

  • Do not forget to smile and be yourself

To shine in your virtual meetings, it is essential to think of your laptop as a person. This means that you have to talk to the camera the way you would talk to a trusted colleague. Smile, be energetic and look interested.

  • Limit your movement

Too much movement can be quite distracting and jarring for the people you are meeting with. So try to remain still while listening, but not so much that your screen looks frozen. While speaking, use your hands to reinforce your message, but not so much that it gets distracting.

These are some of the recommendations we as Image Consultants have to look presentable in virtual videos. For any assistance in image consultation or personal styling, contact us at Styl-Inc and our team of expert stylists will get in touch with you.

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