How to Make the Switch to Washable Rugs

The perfect area rug can complete any room, giving it a warmer feel and really bringing it together. Many homeowners know the frustration of finding the perfect area rug can be. They can be expensive, and cleaning your rug may be a top priority for you, especially if you have pets or a busy household. Washable rugs are becoming more and more popular because they are affordable and easy to clean. Making the switch from traditional rugs to washable is easier than you think and so worth it.

Traditional Rugs

The rugs you are used to are beautiful, come in a variety of patterns, colors, and materials. Depending on what you choose they can be rather pricey. Let’s say you find the perfect rug, and then hardly any time goes by before something gets spilled on it or dirt gets tracked in. You can always try to spot clean or pull out the carpet cleaner but because of the materials it is made out of, it may not adequately clean up the mess. If the mess is too big you may find yourself throwing it out completely and starting your search all over again. You may also find yourself wondering how clean the rug you have had for years is. It may be time to invest in a new one.

Throw It Out

Once you decide you need to switch out your rugs, the first step is to throw it out. If the rug is in good condition, you can always try to sell it or donate it. Roll that thing up and toss it out, and have fun shopping for your new washable rug.

Benefits of a Washable Rug

You may be thinking a washable rug sounds great, but how does this work exactly. Choose from a selection of beautiful rugs that are made from organic cotton and are higher quality than other washable rugs on the market. Here is a list of some benefits of choosing a washable rug:

  1. Environmentally friendly- These rugs are made out of organic cotton free of synthetic materials and pesticides. They take less water to produce, emit less CO2, and no synthetic materials or pesticides go into the water supply when they are produced or washed.
  2. Durable- Organic cotton fibers retain their strength so they will maintain their quality and beauty even when placed in high traffic areas.
  3. Affordable- You may be surprised how affordable these rugs are after hearing about their quality. Many washable rugs on the market come at a high price point making it not affordable to put one of these in your home.
  4. Versatility- Choose from a variety of sizes for all of your rug needs. These rugs are perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, kids rooms, entryways, and main areas.

How to Wash 

A major benefit of a washable rug is that most sizes can be washed in the comfort of your own home. Simply roll it up, throw it in the wash, wash on delicate with one tablespoon of detergent, and then hand to dry. Now depending on the size of your rug and your wash machine, you may want to consider going to a laundromat if your washer is not a sixty pound washer or you could also get it dry cleaned. Most home washing machines are twenty to twenty five pound washing machines so check before your throw your large area rug in. Keep in mind as well, after washing the color may fade for a more lived- in look but if this is not your preference, you may want to consider dry cleaning.

Beautiful Designs

No matter what your style is or what size you need to complete your room, we are sure you will find a rug you love. Choose from a selection of beautiful neutral tones and patterns to add a touch of color and pattern to any room. This will give any room that finishing touch and feeling of home and comfort.

Supporting Companies You Love

When shopping for anything, it is important to shop from companies you can stand behind and be proud of supporting. Companies that put the customer first, while also supporting the environment and making quality products. Here are some things that you may find important as well:

  1. Overall look- Your first goal when picking gout a new rug is to transform your space into a place that represents you and makes you feel comfortable and at home. You should love looking at it and it should make you happy every time you come into the room.
  2. Timeless- You want to support a company that creates timeless products. That means it will not go out of style and will look just as good years from now as it does today, even if you change other aspects of the room it is in.
  3. Quality- Choose a company that values the quality of its products just as much if not more than how it looks. If you are going to invest in a timeless piece, you want it to withstand the test of time as well.
  4. Cultural Appreciation- Rug making has been a part of many different cultures for centuries, and you should look for a company that honors and values the culture the rugs are coming from and pay them fair prices.
  5. Functional- A good rug should be nice to look at and also functional. Rugs were designed to encourage gathering, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort to any room.

Get Yours Today

Dont wait and start shopping for your new washable rug today. Trade out your old traditional dirty rug for the rug of the future. Pick out a beautiful color and pattern that will have you falling in love with your space all over again. Washable rugs are a cleaner, smarter, more durable way to transform any room into your favorite room without breaking the bank.

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