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How to Plan Your Retirement?

Investors are anticipating a major recession is on its way. The most hard hit have been the people saving for their retirements. Their holdings have plummeted by an astonishing $3 trillion. If you have been one of those badly affected or are planning to start working on your retirement fund, then you need to learn from this setback and start investing in precious metals.

Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your finances are in a good shape before retirement time rolls around.

Start Early

After you leave the workforce, you won’t have a monthly income to meet your expenses. This is why retirement planning is crucial. If you start early, it will give you time to grow your savings. It will also help you to allocate between other financial goals such as building an emergency fund or paying off your student loan debt. Your nest egg will continue to grow and blossom as you get married, change jobs, and see the different economic cycles. If you have been guilty of delaying the decision, then that should not discourage you from planning for your retirement.

Figure Out How Much You Need

The kind of lifestyle you want to live when you retire determines how much you need to start saving today. If you are looking to travel the world on a cruise ship, you will need a larger sum of money, whereas if you envision yourself in a peaceful home in Florida playing bingo, then the amount would be significantly less.

At the very least, you need your social security and savings to meet 70% to 90% of your annual pre-retirement income. For instance, if you are a project manager at an engineering firm in Manhattan and make around $95,000 every year, you need to plan out your savings strategically in investment avenues that can guarantee $70,000-$75000 in your retirement.

Once you know where all the money will come from and how much you’ll need per month to live comfortably during retirement, create a plan on paper or a spreadsheet that shows exactly how much money you need to start saving.

Research Your Options

Traditionally people invest their retirement savings in bonds, real estate, stocks mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. However, some make the mistake of not balancing their portfolios and investing with reckless abandon in just stocks. Some people even get lured by the promise of cryptocurrencies and when the bubble bursts like it has this year, they are left with nothing.

The bad economic cycles ruin their nest egg and they end up with very little in retirement funds. Smart investors on the other hand balance their portfolios by investing in precious metals from an early age. Metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and platinum tend to do well when there is high volatility. This helps balance the fluctuations and such investors don’t lose sleep over the health of their retirement funds.

Invest in Precious Metals IRA

If you have never invested in precious metals  before, you need to find an investment dealer that has a good record of meeting customers’ expectations. Look for reviews about them on sites such as Trustpilot and make sure they are accredited with BBB.

Once you find a suitable match, the dealer will help you meet IRS-specific standards and get you metals that are of the highest purity. They will guide you throughout the process, explaining how to handle the physical asset storage fees, custodial fees, and transaction fees.

Once you are ready to go, you will start seeing your investments grow especially during times of economic and geopolitical uncertainties.

Invest in Precious Metals Today

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