How to Promote your Blog- A Systematic Approach: The Initial Promotion Strategy

These days a lot of people are seen struggling with their career and money-making. Besides every typical job for decades now, a person can polish his/ her skills and abilities by engaging in every activity around the The internet is offering a tremendous amount of work and money-making opportunities these days. A lot of people are seen taking advantage of it. Be it blogging, fashion influencing, online store etc. everything offers money making with hard work. You can earn by just sitting at home or a small workplace. You can set up your own little office or any workplace to work from home. For this, you can create websites, pages and you can either use them or run them by yourself, or you can sell them on valuable prices to some demanding customers.


While talking about online business or work opportunities, the best way to earn through the internet is Blogging. But for this, you need to have your blog first to proceed forward. A few years back,new blogs it was considered a significant challenge to earn money through blogging, but now it takes just a few minutes to make and run your blog.

Blogging is all about making a site and attracting your fans. There is no big deal in this case. First, you need to understand that your blog has to be a bit specific. It cannot be about everything. The appearance, design and basic idea behind a blog matter a lot. So, before starting one, you really need to know the basic idea behind the blog.

 At first, you need to consider that your blog should be explicitly related to your subject of interest.  It is easier for you and the readers to grasp the basic idea behind it. You need to build an image of a blogging expert around you for getting the attention of the readers or your fans, and you name it!

Once you have made your blog, the other essential and fundamental thing is to run it professionally.

There are a few ways by which you can grasp the attention of your audience,personal blogs and by that, you can promote it professionally. Some of them are:

  • Get to know your readers.
  • Adapting the language of your audience
  • Plan first what you will write about
  • Create attention-seeking and a unique content
  • Divide your content into smaller parts

Promoting your Content

  • The most basic strategy to promote your blog is by promoting your blog through comments on other blogs.
  • The other thing you can do is invite people to read your blog. It can be done in thematic forums.
  • Another important thing is by promoting it through your private social media profile and by sharing the pictures and hashtags of your blog.
  • When your number of readers starts to grow, you can make different profiles.

You can also share it in different groups on Facebook, Reddit or Quora, or any place that can value your content or blog.

Promotion through Social media

These days the promotion of anything related to your interests is not a big deal. You can use your social media handles or your profiles; friend’s profiles for creating and promoting your content with the help of social media. But for that, you need to understand some basic strategies to do so. Some of the strategies are discussed below:

Email Marketing:

One of the best ways to promote your blog is done through some essential and necessary email strategies.useful blogs You need to build your email list. This is one of the best way to engage the reader who can constantly see the cool stuff on social media.

Send emails to launch your new posts.

This is the basic strategy used by many bloggers and influencers to promote their blogs. This way you send an email to the subscribers in your list whenever there is something new.


By sending an email newsletter, you can also promote your blog. This is also one of the primary ways to get attention as it just demands signup.


One of the super easy ways is to enable social shares directly from the email. This is the easiest step to create a click to share the link right from your email or your profiles. And it is super easy to do as well.

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