How to Select the Best Magnetic Meter for Specific Industrial Processes?

If you have good technicians working in a factory, they can easily suggest what flow meters are required at each stage of the pipelines. Instrumentations are a collective term for measuring liquid, gas, or oil flows through a channel. It can refer to simple measuring instruments like thermometers and more complex multi-sensor components. Flow meters are found in refineries, factories, laboratories, vehicles, thermostats, etc. Although several suppliers supply flow meters to customers, only a few manufacturers export high-quality measuring meters to customers worldwide. 

If your factory needs are specific and require accurate readings, a good Flow Meter will be the only solution. If you need around 5% accuracy for your job, then a simple flow meter will do the job. On the other hand, for complex measurement requiring a 0.5%+- and +-0.1%, you need a turbine flow meter. For more information and specific queries, you may contact at to place an order for a range of flow meters. 

Magnetic Flow Meter

The Magnetic flow meter is nowadays used in various processes and applications. It is accurate for taking measurements from conductive liquid and fluids with particles. You often find magnetic flow meters used in the paper pulp industry, wastewater, industry sewage, milk farms, juice factories, chemical solutions, etc. If you need a low-cost, high-quality magnetic flow meter, you should find the most suitable ones at Silver Instrumentation Company. 

It is noteworthy that the above flow meter is made out of a flow transmitter and flow sensor to detect the volumetric flow of liquid in a closed pipeline with ease. It is also maintenance-free as it has no moving parts. It has no match when it comes to efficiency as it can measure liquids with solids inside it. In other words, you will find it accurate to measure grease, mud, slurry, etc. Above all, it is not affected by the liquid’s temperature, viscosity, and density. 

It operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Health, Safety, and Quality with Flow Meters

Nowadays, most industrial processes involve flow meters. It has become imperative for the smooth functioning of pipeline distribution of elements. Firstly, the quality is greatly enhanced due to the proper gas and liquid flow measurement. In the former case, it is usually the gas flow meter installed, while for liquid, it can be any one of the flow meters chosen for the particular job. 

The flow meter helps in the health and safety of the workforce involved in jobs relating to liquid and gases. If a factory accurately measures liquid and gas flow, the personnel are safe and healthy. There will be timely rectification of leaks and bursts because you can control


In several industries, a Paperless Recorder is used as a data logger to collect records during the measurement of flows. It helps with speedy decision-making and improves the overall efficiency of the processes. Further, it is cost-effective as it always means adopting high standards in the production of materials. 

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