How to Store Your Kitchen Appliances Properly

How to Store Your Kitchen Appliances Properly?

A kitchen is always the functional hub in a living property. It’s where we spend most of the time and usually do most of the housekeeping chores.

This is why it’s normal to find that most of your electronics are related to cooking and other kitchen duties.

Most of them are not the cheapest items you’ve got at home. So that’s why keeping them intact and properly working is essential for your living conditions, as well as for your personal budget.

Who loves waking up and finding out that his toaster is broken on planning the dream vacation, but seeing that the robot vacuum cleaner is out of use, a replacement will cost you that trip to the Hawaii suburbs?

Don’t put in risk your kitchen appliances. Instead, consider the following proper storage ideas to keep them unharmed and whole.

Vacuum Cleaner Storage Step-by-Step Guide

We’re not all born into wealthy families to possess houses with a broom closet. It’s an ideal place to store the vacuum cleaner, but not the only one. You can also put it in the coat closet, the shoe rack or even under the sink in the kitchen.

Regarding the last idea, you should monitor the area to avoid humidity from spoiling your vacuum cleaner. Apart from the humidity, there’s one more problem with this device – it requires some vast space and can deprive the rest of your devices of vacant areas to be carefully stored.

For this purpose, folding the cable and having the vacuum cleaner with all of its parts dismantled is a smart idea to consider.

Small Kitchen Appliances Storage Tips

On the other side, many small kitchen devices aren’t so big to wonder where to store them. Yet, usually, these devices are a lot in number. Many housekeepers tend to put them in a different place after every subsequent use.

However, such a storage approach creates chaos in your culinary zone.

Instead, consider our next great ideas for two small kitchen appliances that are available in all houses and that will unlock your imagination for clever tricks to cover the rest of the little devices.

Toaster Proper Storage Instructions

When it comes to toaster proper storage, it is a must to consider these two basic requirements: you need it at hand, but also outside of the areas that shouldn’t be covered with hot items.

We have an ideal solution for this: simply have hanging shelves on the wall or install a board underneath your main cutting countertop.

Kettle Proper Storage Ideas

The kettle is a must-have in every British home. Without it, the tea ritual is lost.

Coffee lovers use it to prepare some caffeine drinks with it, too but sometimes have extra tools like coffee makers, mills and grinders right next to the kettle.

Due to these, we suggest you have your personal kitchen coffee nook. Whether it’s a hanging set of shelves, an in-built box with sections or a big enough drawer, it’s an ideal way to have everything for a hot drink in one place.

Air Fryer Proper Storage in Details

The air fryer is among the most popular kitchen appliances these days. And how could it not be?

This easy-to-be-used appliance allows you to make dinner in no time and have it as healthy as any doctor would recommend.

Once gotten at home, the air fryer definitely becomes one of the most frequently used devices for meal prep.

This device is used too often to be stored somewhere hard to reach. On the contrary, if there’s a space to place a kitchen appliance on display, it should be meant exactly for the air fryer.

Infrequently Used Appliances Proper Storage Tricks

On the contrary, devices such as mixers, the citrus press or the meat-chopping machine are rarely used. These don’t need to be placed at hand. Actually, they need to free some space for common kitchen items and be put somewhere behind, under, and you name it.

Here are some excellent proper storage tricks for all the rarely used kitchen appliances:

  • Place at the top shelves and kitchen drawers that you need a ladder to reach, which is why they usually remain empty;
  • Keep these items in their original boxes and store them in a pyramid in your closet;
  • Install cool Provance-style bins or baskets inside the biggest cabinet in the kitchen and arrange the devices there;
  • Get plastic containers for them and arrange their parts after dismantling if you’ve got a really tiny kitchen.

All The Benefits of Proper Appliance Storage

Is it so important to have your kitchen appliances stored perfectly well and in a solid arrangement? Of course, it is.

If you stick to proper storage in the cooking zone, you will get all of these benefits:

  • The appliances will be stored according to the safety measures and manufacturing instructions so that you will use them longer. Though, if something wrong happens, you will not lose your warranty right to have it fixed for free.
  • The culinary process becomes more accessible, more pleasant and more successful. The truth is that it’s not only one or two housekeepers who have burnt their burger meat just because they lost time and focus while searching for the chopper to make some good sausage.
  • Decent storage means proper usage of the entire free space. In other words, if you decide to restore the acceptable arrangement of your kitchen appliances, you might finally prove to your husband that you have a free space for that blender you dream about.

Consider Storage Facility to Rent

What if we have no place to store everything, though? Keeping living in chaos? Not at all.

What about removing the small kitchen appliances and freeing some space by investing in multi-purpose devices?

You don’t have to throw away those old blenders, mixers, coffee grinders, milkshakes, and you name it. Instead, have them professionally preserved in a rented storage facility.

The service is a brilliant idea to keep your seasonal cooking devices like the grill or the BBQ during cold days, too.


They say a woman can be determined by looking at her hands and kitchen. And by the way, manicurists say that most of their clients ruin their nails during the rush of cooking time.

So, having everything in order and at the ready can really pay off.

By either using most of your available space or renting a storage unit, you can eliminate the chaos of your living space and ensure all your kitchen appliances are properly stored.

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