How to Wear Biker Rings

How to Wear Biker Rings

Biker rings have gone far beyond niche jewelry. Today, they are a sought-after accessory for many men, even those who have never ridden a motorcycle. However, it would be wrong to grab the first trendy trinket that comes your way and put it on your finger. First, you need to think about the message you want to convey with your ring and how it will fit into your aesthetic. After that, you should choose the right finger to display your jewelry, as this is a non-verbal way to communicate your personality traits. In this post, we are going to provide some tips on how to wear biker rings.

Color Combination

Stylists say that you shouldn’t combine gold and silver rings. Plus, it is common to wear silver (alternatively – steel) in the biker community while gold is by and large ignored. So should you forget about the yellow metal for good? Nope, not really.

The truth is that you can choose any material if it matches your personality and harmoniously completes your image. If you enjoy biker rings in a gold finish, nobody can stop you from wearing them. A ring that combines gold and silver would be a compromising solution. Let’s say it has a silver core and gold accents, it is more than enough for the attention-grabbing quality. At the same time, you are able to stay within the rooted biker traditions.

You may also explore novelty materials such as titanium and tungsten carbide. In their natural look, they resemble silver or platinum. Plus, they provide a ton of options when it comes to finishes – black, blue, red, green… smooth, brushed, fancy… the list can go on and on. Modern biker fashion is a compromise between innovations and established traditions.

Pick a Meaningful Symbol

Every symbol has a meaning, even a multitude of meanings but you ought to pick one that resonates specifically with you. It’s wrong to think that if everyone around is wearing a skull ring, you should be doing the same thing. What you should do is find a symbol that you enjoy because of its look but first of all, because of its significance. If you can’t live without speed, pick images associated with it: wings, motorcycles, flames, whirlwinds, etc. If you’re seeking good luck, a bunch of appropriate symbols will come in handy: horseshoes, four-leaf clover, lucky numbers, etc.

Even if you decide to go with skull jewelry, don’t put it on thoughtlessly. It is associated with a plentitude of meanings, and you can focus on the one that has an emotional effect on you. The skull is known as a representation of death, danger, life, resurrection, intelligence, friendship, and many other concepts. There is something about skulls that is able to strike the right note with you; if you find this something, your ring will certainly enhance its value.

Choose the Right Finger

Men who put jewelry on their thumbs seek attention. Being a biker is about pitting yourself against the crowd of Average Joes, and this means unconventional ways of wear your rings are welcome. The only reason you might not want to adorn your thumb is practical – the ring may cause discomfort when you hold onto the handlebar.

A men’s ring on the index finger unambiguously declares the ambition of its owner and his desire to subjugate. It is especially true if a ring sits on the right hand. Men who flaunt their rings in such a way prefer to give orders rather than follow them. They strive to be leaders even if it is a company of good friends. It can be difficult to find a compromise with such people.

Psychologists believe that confident and independent people wear rings on the middle finger. Such a ring may indicate a successful man who has achieved a lot on his own. Along with that, this finger often accommodates family heirlooms. In the biker community, a gift from a friend or a ring from the previous generations of motorcyclists in your family can double as heirlooms.

The ring finger, as you know, hosts wedding rings. Biker fashion offers its own perspective regarding this type of jewelry. It relies on carp koi symbolism (the Japanese fish represents loyalty and family ties), Claddagh designs, Gothic motifs, as well as traditional love symbols viewed through the lens of motorcycling. Apart from wedding rings, the ring finger is a great choice if you wish to wear a single ring. It will tell about your rationality, the ability to make quick decisions, as well as the tendency to keep your head cool in the most challenging situations.

Most often, the pinky is the choice of creative personalities such as writers, musicians, and artists. There is a belief that a guy with rings on both pinkies attempts to restrain his emotional impulses. Also, the pinky is the most common digit for rings featuring motorcycle club emblems.

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