How to Work with Your Partner to Create The Perfect Wedding Save The Dates

If you’re planning your wedding, there are some things you will want to do early in the process to make sure that your big day goes as smoothly as possible. One of those things is printing and sending out invitation cards — which means you need to know how to work with your partner or significant other so that you both create the perfect save the dates!

In this article, we outline a few tips for keeping both of your needs in mind when crafting a save the date (and making sure it’s perfect).

  1. Figure out your theme early.

Your save the date wedding invitation is a great place to start when planning your wedding theme — you should both have a say in what it is. Sort of like a trial run for the big day, if you will! Most themes are pretty straight forward — rustic, vintage, glam and so on — but if you’re having trouble coming up with a specific look, try looking at sites that sell wedding decor and planning elements to see if it helps.

  1. Build a process with your partner.

If you’re both creative, it will be easy to come up with some fun ideas for your save the date cards. If one of you is more of a “head-in-the-clouds” type person, go through the process together. It doesn’t have to be detailed instructions; just a general idea of what each person expects.

  1. The two of you can each create your own draft.

If one of you or the two of you are a little more experienced with design, suggest that person takes the lead. For example, I’m better with fonts and colors, so I work with my fiancé to come up with the right look and feel, but she handles the final design. This way we both get to have our interests represented!

  1. Let both of your inner creativity out.

Choose a font that’s fun, bold and goes well with your theme, and try different combinations to see how they look together. A lot of this is going to depend on the look and feel of your save the date card — it may be best to stick with a pretty simplistic font like Times New Roman or Georgia here if you’re looking for a more formal design — or go wild and find something really interesting that matches your style!

  1. Come up with a cool style that each of you is comfortable with

Are you going traditional or modern? Do you want it to be fun and whimsical, or elegant? It will all depend on your style and theme, but finding the right font is really important. You can always add or subtract elements of the design after you’ve figured out the perfect font (or fonts).


By working with your partner, you will have the perfect save the date card in no time! Just remember to keep it simple at first, and if there are any specific elements that you want to include — like a particular photo, etc. — make sure you both discuss them first.

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